Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Works of Art Wednesday: Big Fish

Anna June's fish with holiday stamps is too big to scan. It's currently on my office door.


Anonymous said...

Wow-- your office door is the same color as your bedroom walls! Was one the inspiration for the other ??

I like this big that what she was TRYING to paint? Was she following a printed design, or did it just come out LOOKING like a fish when she was done ? Either way, it is very nice, with good colors. I can see why you wanted it at work!

Laura Gallitz said...

My office door is more of an aqua color. It didn't come out very well on my phone. The whole building is painted that color inside, and we didn't have any choices. Plus, our bedroom was painted pre-AJ and I moved here post-AJ.

AJ is often guilty of painting and then declaring what it is. I'll take it - it looks like a fish. She loves her acrylic paints...I think she used every color we have.