Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Works of Art Wednesday: Activities

Anna June has been exposed to a variety of extracurricular activities at her young age, although none for very long. At McElwain, she experienced Soccer Shots, a soccer fundamentals program; Zumba-tomic, a children's Zumba program; and a basketball "camp" with a dinosaur theme from Teams of Tomorrow- or TOT. At some point in the camp, they gave her this picture to color and I stashed it in the unfinished bin, and recently, AJ colored her dinosaur.

Since AJ's been at Avondale, she's had Spanish lessons, although they're not being offered this semester. In after school care, they've offered tennis (which is over), a storyteller with arts and crafts every other week (ongoing), and now dance lessons from the Alabama Ballet are every Thursday.

I asked AJ if she could take any kind of lessons, what would they be. She said "gymnastics" as quick as a wink. It is a good thing, because now we're signing her up for visits on the TumbleBus, starting Monday. She's very excited to go inside, since she saw a YouTube video of the ingenious contraption. It's not Olympic training, but it is a start.


Anonymous said...

Lost my comment's out there somewhere, floating around , lost, lonely , hungry, afraid........
what i had commented on was her superb coloring! All the little parts done w/ actual precision. And the tongue displays her growing awareness of realism !
very good, very GOOD indeed.
I also made some other inane comment , but mercifully, will not have to subject you to it now!!( I can't remember it ....IT REALlY WAS INANE!!!, seeing as how I only lost it like 30 seconds ago!)

Have a good day!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

She really is getting good at coloring. She blows my mind.

Anonymous said...

oh, well. It was about the Tumblebus.... I would think that the novelty would wear off pretty fast, especially for K4s and K5's.

Laura Gallitz said...

I kind of think she's getting too old for it, too, but we're going to try it. She's really psyched. A couple of her friends take actual gymnastics - maybe we'll see about that at some point instead.