Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Review: Straightening

This weekend, Anna June was, I think, a little bored. We were hoping for a quiet, boring weekend after the accelerated, stressful week that we all had.

On Friday night we went out for pizza. It was fun - we ran into AJ's friend Guthrie's dad and had a great chat about all things Avondale.

On Saturday, we enjoyed bagels at home and hung out until lunch, picking up and straightening various things around the house. We went to Trussville for lunch at Sneaky Pete's, dessert at the Three-Eared Rabbit, and shopping at JCPenney and Best Buy. Ben the bargain hunter ended up with a new belt and three new shirts.  AJ was getting tired so we came home to rest. She had pulled an activity from her box of fun, which was to make paper dolls. Ben decided he'd help me out and let me finish the book I was reading, (Abundance by Sena Jeter Naslund) while they played paper dolls. They printed, colored, cut, and, then, inexplicably, taped or glued (whichever one AJ wanted to do was not what Ben actually did), and then there was a meltdown. This won't be spoiling the ending of the book because we all know Marie Antoinette's ultimate fate - but there was more than 500 pages I had invested in this character, and as she was being led to the guillotine, I'd read a few words and then "MAMA!!!!!!!!!!! MAMA!!!!!!" Tears. Hugs. Comforting. Calming. Then, something touched the same nerve and "MAMAAAAAA!!!!!" on repeat. You'd have thought I was headed to the guillotine, myself, for all the weeping coming from my child, who had to know all I wanted was just a few more minutes to myself! It must have taken me half an hour to get to the two pages I had left at the end of the book.

By then, of course, I wanted my mama.

AJ went to Nana's for the evening. We had a great date night at Newk's and then watching a movie at home.

On Sunday, we straightened up some more, focusing on the tons of laundry still left to do, went to church, made lunch (note: we do not recommend the bacon and provolone flavor of Ragu pasta sauce. AJ picked it out and it was worse than it sounded.), and we watched a few episodes of Shaun the Sheep. We tried to convince AJ to take a nap. I went to the bed to rest, and found Ben already snoring. Then Radar started snoring near my feet. Then I started snoring, naturally. AJ came in and thought it was too funny.

 AJ's activity she pulled from the box was "Play school - let the kid be the teacher." She really enjoyed that. She had me, the student, write the sentence "I like jam." Then we went to the writing center and the doll center.

We did a few more things around the house, went to the library, and then our Sunday night trip to Rusty's. Not very exciting to AJ, but we did get a few things straightened out, a few bills paid, a few things cleaned. Hopefully it was restful enough to tackle our upcoming crazy week.


Anonymous said...

A good old weekend! I CANNOT picture Shenandoah playing paper dolls!!!!( but what a NICE Daddy thing to do --for you all---) That makes me crazy, when I want to finish a book , and have to stop for other things......

Yesterday, Nonny came home from the store to announce that our outside water spigot was gushing water.....must have frozen and broken open, ( WHY and HOW , since it has not done that in the 50 some years of winter occupation by Krakers here)

anyway, I turned off the main and we were without water until Aaron came this afternoon and FIXED the WHOLE THING!!!!! BLESS you Aaron Klingbiel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tomorrow is supposed to be 61 degrees! and possibility of severe thunderstorms!! And the next day is supposed to be 3 inches of snow! What the ....?????!!!!!HAve a good day!!!!!

SRG said...

Wow, thank you Aaron!!!