Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend Review: Shop 'Til You Drop

Anna June went a lot of places this weekend, and most of them were retail establishments. I know - a 4-year-old doesn't really love to shop for recreation. But we found ourselves in a variety of suburbs for a variety of reasons.

Friday night - we went to Fultondale. After dinner, we went to Target and Best Buy. AJ spent some of her gift card from her grandparents at Target. She bought herself quite a few things from the Dollar Spot: a flashlight, some baker's twine (similar to this, but with a metallic thread in it), a sponge paint roller, an ink pad. We looked through the toys, and we were in disbelief that toys exist that she does not already own. AJ made an important discovery: the really cool toys were really expensive. She asked me how much a doll was. "Twenty-one dollars," I said. "Oh," she said, putting it back on the shelf, "I'm not getting anything with a 20 in it." She had the room on the gift card, but she has inherited her father's thriftiness.

She picked out a Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Perfect Pop Maker which was on clearance. Until she figured out how to use it, it was pretty disappointing, but I think she has the hang of it now, making play-doh lollipops and popsicles.

The major purchase was a Hello Kitty sleeping bag. This inspired AJ to have a sleepover Friday night with Radar, with AJ putting her sleeping bag on the sofa. They watched Cinderella and stayed up way too late.

Saturday - We slept in, dealing with the aftermath of the "slumber party". After breakfast, we headed to Trussville, where we all had our hair cut.

Here's AJ's before shot:
The picture does not do justice to how long her bangs were. They were in her eyes to the point where she was injuring herself running into things and begging to get them cut.

Here's the after shot:
It was much shorter, but again - the photo doesn't do it justice. Her hair had several days of being pulled straight by ponytails and such, and we didn't wash it for a while, so it wasn't showing off the curls. It really looks better than this, I promise.

After hair cuts, we went home to take a nap because of the major meltdown AJ had when we were headed to get sandwiches. She napped in her sleeping bag after some leftover pizza at home. Later, we shopped some more, and ended up at Wal-Mart for our groceries. I made "easy chili" which was expedient, but not as good as my regular chili. We watched the Packers' playoff game - it was very hard to get AJ to go to sleep in the middle of our excitement.

Sunday - We did something unusual - we skipped church. We weren't sick. We weren't out of town. We didn't have company. We just didn't go. My to-do list had been lengthened due to all that time spent shopping and instead of freaking out completely, I made a list on AJ's whiteboard easel and, through teamwork, we all accomplished a lot and managed to have a little fun.

First, we dropped off our old tv with my brother and then we went out to lunch. After lunch, we headed to Hoover to visit the Galleria. Ben alerted me to the fact that the Galleria's carousel would be taken down for a few months, and we still had a couple of carousel tokens sitting around, so we should take the opportunity to use them up. And do more shopping, of course.

The carousel:

AJ rode the carousel, then wanted to ride the train, a little car thing that goes around the mall. Here she is on the train.

You can see her hair much better here. And yes, that is baker's twine around her neck. She thought it was pretty and would make a good necklace. 

After that, she rode the carousel again. And we bought a balloon animal.

She was very excited. We almost lost her coat, but a kind soul hung it up at the "train station" and we found it again.

We returned home and AJ helped Ben walk Radar while I went with my Aunt Connie to the final day of the Norman Rockwell exhibit. It was very crowded, but we enjoyed it - for free, since I had won tickets from their facebook page. It was a great exhibit, including all of Rockwell's Saturday Evening Post covers. His paintings were extraordinarily detailed. His America may never have truly existed for most of us, but the decades he spent chronicling it were some of the most interesting in human history.

We Skyped, we went to the library, we ate at Rusty's, we baked a cake for my dad's birthday. We had a busy little weekend! Now we're all set to have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Such sweet pictures! I love AJ's sparkly twine necklace! I think she has Aunt Connie's talent for crafting!


Anonymous said...

OH. i AM SO RELIEVED TO SEE CURLS...those 'before and after' haircut photos looked exactly the same to me! I know she won't always have curls. but I.m not ready to say farewell to them yet. That picture of her on the trolley looks a lot like Amy when she was young. !!! I see she likes the sparkly skirted dress! It IS pretty!( surprised it fit her ...looked big) Actually, every one here liked the metallic grey one the best, and I thought it would be AJ's fave because it has no zipper or anything. You just never know w/ these things! Shopping with her must be a hoot!! I thought that was very insightful of her to fore go the doll that cost $21. Altho I know it will be something in her favor eventually, I wish she didn't think that she has to be so frugal YET. Ah . well. I also thought it was cute about making the string into a necklace! She DOES have a future as a crafter .I think, and as an artistic person. She bought ALL craft/arty stuff w/ her money! And now she is branching out into jewelry making!! She is SO COOL!!!!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

On the sparkly twine necklace - she said as I was re-tying it for her that we should have added beads. I told her that was a good idea, but not right that minute.

On the dress - she has worn this one twice, but she has also worn the metallic gray one once. She likes them both. They both fit great. She's getting bigger every day!

On looking like Amy - I totally see that now that you mention it. Wow!

On the haircut photos - I should have brought my "real" camera instead of my phone. There was quite a bit of length gone, and I kind of wanted the bangs even shorter, but Cindy and AJ both knew they'd curl up and be fine. Her curls are here to stay, even if they get looser with time.

On maturity/frugality - I am glad she wants to save money and I can't discourage that, although I am sad that we've probably made her too conscious of money issues.

On crafting - I am so thrilled that she loves doing arts and crafts, even though it is about the most foreign thing I can think of to her parents. We appreciate art but are not artistic ourselves.