Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Review: MLK Holiday

Anna June had another great weekend. It's still going, as we have today off for MLK Day. We asked AJ if she knew what Dr. King did that we celebrate. She said, "He died so we could all go to school together. And he had a dream." See, she learns good stuff at school.

We've eaten, shopped, colored, watched tv, talked on the phone, cleaned and studied. AJ has been off-the-wall silly, inventing new songs and playing crazy games with us we don't understand. She has been hyper with us, but totally reticent with others. It is so frustrating to have her stare blankly at an adult who loves her - it's like she completely loses her communication skills until the opportunity is over. She's the kid version of Michigan J. Frog.

Ben put together her doll accessory set she got for Christmas. Her dolls now have a playpen, high chair, and new stroller. We waited to assemble until we agreed to get rid of several other big toys, including the giant teddy bear. We still need to purge more, but AJ is delighted with her new floor space. She played with her baby doll, now named Flower, for quite a while, strolling her up and down the hall. We, of course, were Flower's grandparents. Flower Gallitz was evidently born three days ago and sleeps through the night, and can already walk. What a good girl! We are proud. We're not so disturbed AJ's seemingly a single mom living with us. In real life, her ersatz boyfriend Trey declared he wants to marry her - and all the other girls in the class. No word on whether Trey is Flower's father, but I'd rather her not marry him if he's clearly not ready to commit to one girl,

Here's hoping the weekday off goes as well as the weekend has.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Monday morning smiles resulting from this lovely blog!!

~Auntie Nonny~

Anonymous said...

Michigan J Frog---LOL!!!

Blog posted at 0440??? Laura- you be trippin!!!

Hello, Flower! I see you are an adorable bald baby , just like your Mama was !!!That is the very cutest kind of baby, if you ask me !!

Hey, AJ: How was your mushy cake? I mean your squishy cake! (or was it sloppy cake???)I can't remember, 'cause I never heard about that kind of cake before!
Enjoy your day off!!! (Granny is home all day if you feel like calling.........!) :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, wait; that IS a NEW baby right? Not baby Leigh with a new name?????

Laura Gallitz said...

Yes, we were up at 4:00. Ben studied and I blogged. Then, we went back to sleep.

Seriously, AJ has tons of great tricks but everyone will just have to take my word for it.

Laura Gallitz said...

No, Flower is not the same as Baby Leigh. And she's not new, but I have forgotten her provenance.

And Gooey Cake is the dessert AJ was eating at Rusty's. It's delicious! My mom shared the recipe with me

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks! She's a (mostly) happy little girl!