Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Things: iPhone

Anna June, like many children of her generation, will have her childhood captured in slightly blurry pixels. That's right - I have an iPhone with a camera, and I'm not afraid to use it.

Of course, lately, AJ isn't afraid to use it, either. She has learned how to take photos, send and receive text messages, and, of course, make phone calls. She loves Instagram, for its endless supply of images, and she especially loves that Liz and Patrick have a photo stream of Wesley. She loves to look over my shoulder at Pinterest, and last week she suggested search terms for me which were actually pretty good. She has kid-appropriate apps on all our phones and tablets, so she can listen to stories, play games, or even play the piano.

Since technology is part of our world - and definitely part of AJ's - we've decided to embrace it. But sometimes, I do have to tell her to put down or give back the phone. I need it, too, you know.

Here's a picture AJ took of her room, including her alphabet clothesline, a work in progress.

Thing I love: iPhone 4
Why I love it: It allows me to capture moments as they happen, and blog in bed.


Anonymous said...

You see, I have been officially surpassed in the technology-abilities department by my 4.8 Y.O. grand daughter.

That sounds about how the Universe should be ordered!!!!

I like her Alphabet clothesline!

Laura Gallitz said...

Well, she's not as good as she thinks she is. And they have iPads and computers at school to practice on.

The alphabet clothesline was inspired by a similar one in her classroom. We're behind on the letters, though - we're only up to K on our line and they're on T at school.

Everyday Fashionista said...

I was always on my iphone and I finally gave in and got an ipad this past summer. Best thing I ever did. I love it.

Laura Gallitz said...

Ben's work has an iPad that we use. We also have a couple of tablets around the house...one's for me and one's for AJ. I should be more intentional about using the tablet, but if the phone is near me anyway I use that!