Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Things: Couch Day

Anna June ran a fever Monday night to go along with her cold, so I kept her home with me. Except I needed to go in to the office for a couple of things, and I decided to bring her with me, since she felt fine.

I thought she'd enjoy hanging out on my office couch. I was wrong. She was bored, though I packed a fun bag for her. We did stay longer than I wanted. AJ got to see lots of my friends, though, and I got a few key tasks accomplished.

I do still love my sofa. I try to take one lunch hour a week to eat quickly and then stretch out to read for a few minutes. Last year, this seldom happened. This year, I'm making more of an effort, despite my plans being foiled constantly. Photo by Anna June, Tuesday's plan spoiler.

Thing I love: office love seat, originally belonging to Grandma Hazel, delivered to my office by Drew, both of whom I cannot thank enough.
Why I love it: every once in a while, I can lock my door and pretend I'm home. Also more convenient to lie upon than the floor.


Anonymous said...

I never realized that your view was into another office...Is this the same office you were in when Anna June was born??? Do you KNOW the people in that next office?I mean, well enough to flash goofy signs at each other? or read their lips? ' cause you look to be that close.

I.m not putting you down.. heck, YOU HAVE YOUR OWN OFFICE!!!!!Impressive enough!!!! No wonder you love your couch in it !!!

Sorry to hear of AJ's cold and fever. Hope you don't catch it.........

Laura Gallitz said...

This is not the same office I was in when AJ was born. I thought you'd been up here since then, but maybe not. Yes, I have a window but not a view. Sometimes my friend across the way, Nicole, and I wave at each other. It's kind of fun. We're not close enough to read lips unless we're both standing at the window.

I love my office. It's quite messy at the moment, but it is loved nonetheless.