Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thinking Thursday

Anna June's brain is on fire. Sometimes I wonder if I am ever going to be able to keep up with her. She's always thinking, thinking, thinking. She's learning everything, good, bad, and otherwise.

Last night she astounded us by her (almost) correct use of the word "territorial," which she learned from the PBS Kids Go! show Wild Kratts. I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of the show - it's about two brothers who are the heirs apparent to the Crocodile Hunter - they are animal experts. Then, the show morphs from live action into cartoons, where the cartoon brothers Kratt have wild adventures under the sea, in the jungle, or where ever. Their ridiculous adventures come to a close, and then we're back to a live-action educational sequence. I don't know if it's the subject matter (animals) or the animation style or what, but I am turned off of this show. AJ loves it, though. I guess if she's learning, I should let her indulge a little, right?

Besides her burgeoning vocabulary, AJ has really been taking off in the artwork department. She got a calendar of activities to do at home during Christmas break from Mrs. Smith, her after-school care teacher. We didn't really look at it, until I needed some space on the fridge this weekend. I showed it to her, and she wanted to do almost all of the activities in order to cross them off the calendar. It featured seasonally-appropriate tasks such as "draw a picture of an evergreen tree," and "draw a picture of a burning candle." She made about 10 large-format drawings according to these directions. You could really tell that her snowman was a snowman, and her bare winter tree was a tree. Unfortunately, I didn't keep any of these big drawings, because I had an idea: since we were headed to church on Sunday morning, why not use this work to spread some holiday-time joy amongst our congregation. So AJ passed out all her drawings to our (mostly elderly) congregation, giving basically one to each family present. It was so sweet. Now many homes have refrigerator-worthy art from our little one.

Speaking of little ones, as we await the arrival of our nephew and AJ's cousin, AJ even made some artwork for the baby! She's as thoughtful as she is smart.

She's also extremely silly! She has been pretending to be a dog, Marigol (Marigold without the "d"). She begs to go outside, eats snacks from the floor and barks. Good grief.

Per the suggestion at The Writeous Babe Project, I'm considering a blogging calendar. My sketch is:
Monday - Weekend Review
Tuesday - Things Tuesday: reviews and descriptions of all our fabulous stuff that we use and love
Wednesday - Works of Art Wednesday: Featuring the latest and greatest from our artist
Thursday - Thinking Thursday: discussion of AJ's development, with some analysis of hopes and dreams
Friday - Photo Friday: perhaps if I have a designated day of the week, I will get around to uploading and sharing more photos.

I don't know if I can stick to this, so it's subject to change - especially for breaking news - but I think it may be good to have a goal.


Anonymous said...

OOH, you should have seen me perk up when I read the line about a Snowman picture....'til I got to the church distribution line. Well, I can't argue with her generosity and it was a very sweet idea. I hope whoever got the Snow man appreciates it!!!!!!!BTW, I LOVED the snowman card I received from you. Adorable. And the picture of AJ-----well, it had gold ink all over her face, ( I don't know if it bled thru , or got stacked over other pictures that didn't quite dry. I've had the same problem w/ those gold ink pens) )Anyway,
I can't quite see her features well. I've been meaning to ask you if you purchased the CD of those pics; in that case I would pester you for a new one . If not, I'll make do!!!!Yesterday, I received the ART work from you guys, along with the 'I have the dog " thank you note. I am definitely getting that framed!! I Love it !!!!!!

So today is the BIG day for Wesley, hmm??Blessings to the laboring Mom , and the sweet boy that I know you all love already! May his journey be a safe one!!!!( please let us know?))

I know you have to have some kind of plan to make the blog go smoothly, and to KEEP IT GOING!!!So, what ever makes it easier on you , go for it. ( I GUESS I'll adjust to a once a week photo. :( sigh. )) Just giving you a hard time !!!!YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO IN CONNECTION W/ THE BLOG !!!!!THANK YOU , LAURA FOR THE BLOG!!!!!!!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

If it is any consolation, the snowman picture was on manila paper and it honestly didn't show up very well. I mean, you could tell it was a snowman, alright - he even had eyelashes! But it was hard to see. It would not have photographed or scanned well, and due to the large size, it wouldn't have mailed well, either. I hope that the lessons I'm trying to teach her about sharing the love are greater than your sadness at missing out on a snowman. I will ask her to draw you another one. She's compliant like that.

I am glad you liked our card - our PTA sold those as a fundraiser for their arts and technology programs.

I am sorry that your picture of AJ had ink on it. Darn! I guess I didn't let it dry before I put it in the envelope or something. I was trying SO HARD to get the cards done on time this year! I'll probably toss or let AJ have the pen - I'm so mad at it. No, there wasn't a CD available of the picture, but we did scan it in, so we'll try to send it to you electronically so you can have it printed. I am not promising it will be any clearer - in fact, it may be worse because it's scanned in. I will have real professional pictures done in March. I promise.

I am glad you liked your artwork/thank you note packet. Sometimes AJ carefully selects what to send to whom, and sometimes I just shove things in an envelope. I hope to get her more involved in 2013.

Wesley is en route at the moment. I will let you know when we know more. Our family appreciates all of your support and prayers.

With the editorial calendar, I'm really trying to make an effort to be more of a "real" blogger. I'm not sure if I have any blogging goals past having this record of AJ's life, but if I manage to make this blog really good, perhaps I can show it some day to a person who would ask me to guest blog or be a contributor or, gasp, even pay me to blog.

I'm not saying that I won't have photos on any days but Fridays, but I'm saying that on Fridays, I will try to make a conscious effort to know where my camera is and upload my latest snapshots to an online album where people can view them. Instead of waiting, oh, 6 months or more. I especially want to move pictures from my phone to my online albums. I sometimes take pictures thinking of a post and then never use them. I may even - don't faint - crop or edit a picture so it looks better! So I just want to be more aware of photography, at least once a week, because that is the part of this blog that doesn't come naturally to me at all.

Whew! That was a long comment! Sorry!