Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thinking Thursday: Phases

Anna June is always in the midst of a bunch of phases that are, well, challenging. But last night she went back for a while to being the sweet, sweet girl that she is.

Monday night there was whining. Tuesday night there was acting out and meltdowns when punished, followed by my less-than-brilliant idea of letting her (possibly temporarily) sleep in my bed - sleep seemed the only option. She slept so hard, and after so much Sprite, she peed in our bed. The steam-cleaner cleanup, of course, was left to her dad, and he did a good job.

So Wednesday, she was back to her sweetest self. She is getting excited about the possibility of a big-girl bed. The valentine cards we ordered came, along with the color-your-own mailboxes I ordered (with her teacher's permission) for her class. We stopped by to pick up aluminum cans from Connie and Tim for the Can Jam promotion going on at school. We went home and made dinner, baked (pre-measured cookie dough) cookies, and washed dishes. We finished her homework and got her stuff set for school.

Through all of this, she was an angel. I really hope this phase lasts!


Anonymous said...

OOH, pee in the bed is a BAD thing!!!Hope your steam cleaner was a magic kind, 'cause mattresses are never the same after this happens it seems. Isn't that like, a NEW mattress too? Laura, I'm telling you, NEVER buy a mattress pad that isn't water proof,as long as the kids in the house are of vomiting/ peeing/ spilling age, and the dog too.

Sounds like your typical week in the Southern GAllitz' household!

Anonymous said...

ps Please refrain from writing about COOKIES an d CAKES ETC fro a bit...It drives me INSANE , as I am still off of sugar and right about now would sell my firstborn for one of those cookies! {Not REALLY, Shenandoah!!!} ( OH! I can ALMOST even SMELL them baking from here!) ( Well, I must admit to ONE transgression . so far....I made cookies when Amy stayed over--oatmeal cranberry scotchies, and they were really yummy!(( More fruit and healthy Oats , than anything else, really......SURE!!))But otherwise, I am doing really candy bars from the vending machine, and no stopping for bakery every morning. I'm not losing weight, but have stopped gaining, at least!!! But these INSANE CRAVINGS have NOT STOPPED!!!!!!!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

Ugh. We got this mattress when AJ was a few months old, so, yes, in mattress life-spans, it is still new. I remember telling the salesman no to the pad because it was so expensive, thinking we'd get a better deal elsewhere later. I never thought about it again. It's actually quite amazing that we haven't had an accident of this caliber on it yet. We got to the mess pretty quickly, so I am hoping that helped. We may end up flipping it over if it still bothers us. Ben has a keen sense of smell and I don't - we'll see how much it bothers him!

Laura Gallitz said...

Good for you! I need to do the same. It is hard when we're such addicts - AJ wants dessert every night, and, since I do, too, I oblige. But I'll try not to bake and blog for a while.