Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thinking Thursday: Exhaustion

Anna June runs on empty a lot. (Hey, just like my car!)

She fights bedtime with every fiber of her being. Yet, she loves getting up by her alarm clock to get ready for school all by herself. She is exhausted.

We have known this for a long time. This is why we agonize over how long and how well she slept. For a while, I decided that I have no power in this situation, and I stopped worrying.

Then, it got worse.

Anna June's classroom uses the stoplight system. Everyone starts the day on "green" and if they misbehave, they get a warning and are moved to "yellow". If they misbehave again, they get put on "red" and don't receive a sticker for that day. If they get all 5 stickers for the week, they can get something from the treasure box on Friday.

Last week, she got on red, and this week, she's already been on yellow once. Yellow still gets a sticker, but all the kids on yellow had to sit out for 5 minutes at recess. When you're 4, five minutes is an eternity.

Last semester, she got on red only twice. We've not even had 2 full weeks yet and we've already had a red and a yellow. 2013 isn't looking good so far.

I am hoping it's just exhaustion that's keeping her in the bad kid column. Maybe we can catch up on some sleep this weekend and she'll go back to being an angel, at least at school.

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