Friday, January 4, 2013


Anna June was delighted to welcome her baby cousin, Wesley Patrick Tucker, to the world yesterday.

The gorgeous newborn made his debut at 4:26 PM, and weighed 8 pounds, 10 ounces, and was 20.5 inches long.

He is perfect in every way, from his dark hair to his long toes. We are in love.

We were so excited to hear the news, as soon as we got home. We took Radar out, let AJ change clothes and re-do her hair, and then we hopped in the car, headed to grab dinner and then stop by the hospital. But as we passed Nana and Granddaddy's street, we saw Granddaddy's truck pull right behind us.

We called Granddaddy to confirm that he, too, was on the way to the hospital and since he said yes, AJ asked if we could change our plans and go to the hospital first, too. So we did. 

When we got there, Wesley's Granny and Nana were still waiting to see him. We heard he had been assessed and nursed, but they were still waiting to bathe him, so it would be a few minutes. We decided to go ahead and eat and then bring back food for anyone else there who was hungry and didn't want hospital food.

We had a quick dinner at Jimmy John's and then called to check. The new mom and dad wanted Chick-fil-A, so we ran over to 5 Points to get some dinner for them. When we got back, Rusty and Beth, Jack and Jill, and my dad had already come and gone. Wesley was being bathed. AJ, Ben and I felt so lucky to be there for his very first bath! He was so good! He didn't like being cold too much, so he spent the rest of our visit under a heat lamp to get his temp up a little.

Mama, daddy, and especially baby are all doing great.

On the way home, AJ kept talking about how exciting it was to see him. She loves him already.

The funniest moment was at home, when AJ asked me what "nursing" meant. I reminded her that we had talked about breastfeeding before. She said, "Oh, I thought it was called bra-feeding."

We all can't wait to hold him!

Photo by proud Uncle Ben. 


rhinelander said...

Thanks for the great picture of Wesley. Please pass our congrats along to mom and dad for this beautiful new addition to the family! Love,Gary and Pam1428

Anonymous said...

That is one handsome little fella!


Anonymous said...

He IS beautiful!!!!A little chunky monkey, too!! Glad that Mom is okay!!

How did AJ react to seeing such a little one????

"Bra-feeding " !!LOL!!! Close, but.....

( thank you for the update. I hope Patrick and Liz don't mind our interest...Babies are wonderful.)

Laura Gallitz said...

AJ was just about as excited as I've ever seen her. She was kind of quiet and in awe while we were in the room, but she was full of questions and excitement in the car, both before and after. She was saying things like, "I can't believe we got to see Wesley!" It was adorable. She loves babies and now that there's one in our very own family that she can (eventually) hold she's so pumped.

Liz said...

Thanks for this sweet post, Laura! We are so smitten, and I know Wesley and Anna June will love growing up together! Thanks everyone for your well wishes during this exciting time!

Laura Gallitz said...

He's just so pretty. I can't get over it!