Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Anna June is finally asleep after a great day of eating, shopping, visiting, playing games, and watching a movie at home.

I'm exhausted, too, though not as tired as last night when I literally fell asleep while blogging.

So here is a picture of Radar in his sweater from Granny. I'll try to post something more interesting tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

HAH! Radar probably ran away on Christmas , thinking: " I'm going to make a break for it before they can put that sissy sweater on me again! After all, I have my pride!"

But he looks like such a snuggle muffin in it!

Laura Gallitz said...

Once, when Radar was a puppy, we tried to dress him in a Halloween costume. It did not go well, and we were not inclined to try clothing again. Until Granny and Aunt Nonny sent this beautiful sweater. Even though it was a little warm the day we tried it on, he seemed to like it. Ben insisted we take it off. I washed it. It got really cold, and he wore it again. I know he's a dog and it's hard to tell, but I swear he liked it and he was proud of it. I let him wear it for a few days, but his nails snagged it while scratching his perpetually itchy, allergic skin and it is coming unraveled. I put it on the table behind the couch, and he grabbed it back. I think he wanted it back on - it's cold again and he likes being warm. We'd have to work harder at letting him JUST wear it outside or on walks, though, because we like petting him instead of his sweater when we're indoors.

So Joey, Dolly, and Sweeney, that was a great gift! Thanks!