Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weather or Not

Anna June is ok at getting dressed for school. Sometimes, she'll even ask me what the weather will be so she can dress appropriately.

This weekend, though, it was warm. She picked out her "best dress" to wear on our shopping excursion. It is trimmed in faux fur and is a great holiday piece. I wore my culturally-appropriate Bama sweatshirt. We were both burning up!

Later that night, we changed, and AJ picked out a sundress. I couldn't blame her - we were still recovering, running the a/c in the car on our errands. "I like the coldness," she declared.

Luckily, I brought a sweater along for her, because the nights get cool! It's hard for her to decide what to wear when it changes so quickly!

It's so confusing in December when is warm. It's hard to get in the Christmas spirit when it feels like early fall. We think we should change the lyrics to "Let it Snow" for something that better fits Alabama's climate.

"Oh, the weather outside is perfect..."


Granny Annie and Auntie Nonny said...

I'm sitting here reading this as I am wearing some warm winter jammies, two pairs of socks , my flannel bathrobe and wrapped in blanket and still shivering! "..Baking" sounds pretty good to me right now!

Does Anna June like shopping now?

Granny Annie and Auntie Nonny said...


Laura Gallitz said...

I'm sorry it is so cold there. It is still sunny and mild here - the offer to move south still stands.

AJ does like shopping, but only if it is for things for her. She still likes other activities much better, including staying home.