Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Note

Anna June loves to write - I wonder where that comes from? She can almost always be found with a writing implement in hand, and asking me how to spell something. The inside of this card is a thank you note to Granny (which I promise to mail, eventually). On the inside, she asked me how to spell almost every word and wrote them on lines that she drew. She colored a picture, and then, turned it over and wrote her very own sentence. This is a remarkable achievement for a still pre-literate four-year-old. She wrote, as you can see in the picture, "I have the dog."

Too bad what may be her first unique, independent looks like the beginning of a ransom note!

I posted this, along with the above observation, and I believe I may have set a new personal record for number of "likes". She is the funniest, best kid around.

There is no doubt about it, I love her being this age.

And I love being my age, too: 35 years old, as of today. This is going to be a great year.


Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard!!!
I can't wait for this note! I may frame it !

p.s. tell her that Granny would not be adverse to a nice big painting sometime!!!!

Anonymous said...

p.s.I hope you embrace your age and enjoy, enjoy and enjoy!!

Laura Gallitz said...

Oh, I had a great birthday! And there's at least one big painting we can send you. Eventually. I make no promises for anything before Christmas.

Anonymous said...

PLease do not stress about sending art work. I understand that this is a MOST busy time of the year for you. I DO get it !!!!!!!!!!

SRG said...

We are pleased to report that Radar has been found unharmed and is back in our custody.

Anonymous said...

To SRG: THAT'S a relief!!!!!!!!
Amd, was the dog napper caught and dealt with ????

Laura Gallitz said...

Honestly, I still think she was trying to write "I have a dog," but "I have the dog," is what came out.