Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Outsourcing Content

Anna June's school had their Christmas Program last night. I also had to visit the grocery store, bake a cake, do laundry and dishes. And, oh, yeah, I have "allergic rhinitis" which means I still have a cold, but my doctor gave me drugs this morning.

So some things didn't get done. Pictures and video didn't get uploaded, etc. Today's content, then, is outsourced.

Luckily, though, the Avondale PTA's treasurer uploaded some pictures of the Tree Lighting ceremony that was held in Forest Park last month. Here you can see Rev. Harris' pictures of the event. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Was AJ cold here?? Everyone looks so bundled up except for her.

It was probably like, 55 degrees , or something , that you guys considered really frigid!!

I actually just got back from lunch w/ Jeannie at Red Lobster, and didn't have to wear an outer jacket myself, 'cause it's so mild out today!

Anonymous said...


Laura Gallitz said...

That night was pretty mild, if I recall. I bundled up, but was too warm. AJ refused the jacket (price for fashion - she wanted to show off her Christmas dress!) She wasn't cold, I don't think. Luckily, it was a short performance and we went in the art gallery next door to warm up and eat cookies.

Slowing down is easier said than done, especially in December! Missing work means that work has piled up! So hard to rest. I'm glad I took Monday off or I'd be in worse shape. Hopefully my cough will be under control better tonight so Ben doesn't have to sleep on the sofa again.