Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Desk

Anna June wants a desk in her "new" room, but if she gets one, I really hope she takes better care of it than I take of mine. I have a full-on clutter problem at my desk at work and my desk at home.

I set the ambitious goal of having my entire desk (the surface, not the trays) cleared off by December 21, when our office closes for the holidays.

I have a long way to go. I basically have the left side of my desk as work things, roughly or neatly separated into piles, and the right side is a disaster of all manner of personal papers. I have a tote bag I bring back and forth to work, but unfortunately when I decide to clean it out, it just ends up being a big pile. I have all of these piles all over the house, too, but my work desk is my stated goal.

Here are some pieces of AJ's artwork/school work that I have uncovered. I have no idea when they were completed, or where, exactly. 

This last one does say "hugs and kisses" in purple, but I'm not sure what else it says, or what it depicts.

Here's one I meant to post in October:

Other interesting things I have found on my desk that may be worth a mention.

1. A new library campaign called Geek the Library. It's a fundraising campaign - it may have come from a Shelby County library rather than through our Jefferson County ones. On the site, many people talk about what they "geek" over. It's kind of neat. I have some stickers, a bumper sticker, and some bookmarks that ask "What do you geek?" If you want one of these, let me know. Incidentally, the Birmingham Public Library has a wish list of things they want - you can contribute directly towards toys, a bulletin board, or other cool things needed by the libraries in our system.
2. Thirty-one gift catalog. This home-based party-style business is one of my new favorite things. I keep buying gifts from here. I actually have a rep already, but my friend at work just became a rep. If there's anything you need (or want to buy for me!)  I would suggest visiting the websites of these two lovely ladies:
Leslie Hughes Nuss or Dawn Fizer. I like everything.
3. A flier for a Yoga for Stress Management class at the UAB Resource Center. I can't make it - it's at the same time as Zumba! - but it offered this nugget: "This yoga class is all about the unique being that you are." That's sounds pretty awesome.
4. A flier for the Take Steps for Crohn's and Colitis walk. The walk in Birmingham will be June 1, 2013. Ben and I each have a cousin suffering from Crohn's. Consider joining the walk or making a donation. 
5. A business card from Alabama Grief Support Services. This agency provides free grief support groups in the area, and I believe they do very important work.
6. This recipe for Farmer's Market Vegetarian Quesadillas.
7. A generic letter of appreciation from my division director. It has a food stain on it, so it's getting tossed.

Thanks for letting me get that off my desk.


Anonymous said...

The top drawing looks like Fire!
That is REAL MATH, by golly!
In that last drawing, what do you think that top object is ? Does it say 'America'?? Looks like a rocket !

'Hugs and kisses' is too sweet!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

Sometimes I ask AJ what her drawings are, and sometimes I just admire the colors. That one may be fire. She talks about fire a lot - they had a fire safety talk at school, but I think the drawing predates it.

That is REAL MATH. I have a feeling our little girl is going to be much better at math than at reading, but I could be wrong. Her Granddaddy and Uncle Drew are ESPECIALLY good at math (although both are good readers/writers, too), so it may be in her genes.

That may be USA rocket - I have no idea!

AJ often asks us how to spell things while she's writing or drawing, so we never know how it will turn out.

We were a little concerned about her writing letters and numbers backwards. Mrs. D noticed it too, recently, but she doesn't think it is a cause for concern yet. We'll keep an eye on it and see if, with repetition and practice, the shapes of the letters and the numbers become more ingrained in her gigantic brain!