Friday, December 21, 2012

Hey Santa

Anna June may not have wanted to talk to Santa Claus when we visited him at the mall, but she has no problem adding last minute things to her list! Two days ago it was an Easy Bake Oven, yesterday it was a Nintendo DS, and this morning it was walkie talkies! Good thing Santa is magic! Also, she knows she won't get everything on her list. But it doesn't hurt to ask, she thinks.


Anonymous said...

Never before saw of family group shot of a Santa visit!
Doesn't AJ's dress photograph lovely? She sort of looks like Santa 'cheesecake', tho . I mean , if that were possible for a four year old to do, which it really isn't. So never mind.

Anonymous said...

ps: I want one of those big purple velvet chairs , or settees or whatever that is that the Big Guy has there.Looks Gorgeous!! Joey Joe finally did in my couch; it couldn't even be covered with a cover /throw any longer. I tossed it to the curb for a garbage day pick-up. and was HUMILIATED to do so , as it was in UNBELIEVABlY TERRIBLE shape!!!!!! HUGE areas of it EATEN AWAY-LITERALLY. WHAT kind of dog actually EATS A WHOLE SOFA??????????? Any way, I do like the looks of that purple one!

Laura Gallitz said...

We had to do the group shot because AJ would NOT see Santa by herself. Sometimes, she seems so grown up but I forget she's 4 and not the same as I am (i.e., shy).

It's not a cheesecake picture - it's a struggling to get off Mom's lap picture! They took several shots, and this was the only one that was close to good.

The purple velvet chair was comfy! Maybe you should get one to replace your chewed up couch. So sorry about that, by the way. Don't be embarrassed about what you throw away - only be embarrassed about what you keep. :) We have chewed up home interior everywhere, and yes, we are embarrassed.