Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Getting in the Christmas Spirit: Part 3

Anna June has been busy lately, and somehow, it is getting me all in the Christmas Spirit, slowly but surely. Here are some more things we did.

December 11: Avondale School Christmas Program. AJ did very well. She looked beautiful and stage-appropriate in her sparkly red headband. Ben also had a Christmas lunch at work, and my version of Gooey Cake was a big hit - you've got to love a recipe your mom can recite from memory in a doctor's office waiting room and includes the instructions "bake until it doesn't jiggle anymore."

December 12: This was our night off. We received some sweet Christmas cards. We have the best friends with the most adorable children.

December 13: I volunteered at the PTA's Secret Santa Shop. It was sweet to see kids picking out gifts for their loved ones. Then, I read to AJ's class: In the Desert One Christmas Eve.

December 14: We made a second attempt to watch a Christmas movie, The Search for Santa Paws. Anna June got upset when the plot thickened, and we sent her to bed instead. I read her some Christmas books as a bedtime story.

December 15: Decided to skip going to Zoolight Safari and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever in favor of a date night to The Outlet Shops of Grand River. Anna June ended up spending the night with her grandparents, which allowed us to continue our tour of the Wal-Marts of the greater Birmingham area. I think we hit 3 for a total of 4 trips in a 24-hour period. Possibly a personal record, but certainly not a world one.

December 16: Wrapped a bunch of Christmas presents. AJ enjoyed writing the to-from tags to stick on each one. Radar ate approximately 4 candy canes while he was briefly unsupervised. We came home to the whole house smelling like peppermint.

December 17:  AJ brought home an ornament to hang on the Christmas tree that she made at After-School Care. Recently, her After-School Care teacher pulled me aside to tell me that AJ has made HUGE progress in ASC. She participates in all the activities and interacts with the other kids. At the beginning of the year, she was very shy and didn't do much of anything. Now, she's the life of the party, evidently.

December 18: AJ gave me a snowflake tumbler for my birthday! It keeps ice cold!

Here are some scraps I had in my car of AJ's ubiquitous writing projects. You have to look hard, on the bulletin, but there are lots and lots of letters on there.


Granny Annie and Auntie Nonny said...

"Mary Did you know" really is a beautiful song, if I may say so .It floored me to find out that Mark Lowery (sp) wrote it .

Laura Gallitz said...

I have no idea who Mark Lowry is. I read his bio on Wikipedia and looked at his website, and even after seeing a picture of him I have no idea who he is. I guess I'm not up on my Christian singers/comedians.

And yes, it is a beautiful song, with a nearly 2 octave range. I am not doing it again.

Granny Annie and Auntie Nonny said...

p.S. Does that one say, "Mom, I have to pee?"

Laura Gallitz said...

I have no idea what this says. Mom I have a rat? Who knows. My car is full of these things.