Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Getting in the Christmas Spirit - part 1

Anna June is showing us that she loves Christmas as much as I do. I am so glad. It is my favorite time of year, although I keep telling myself that I can't do everything! Here are some things we've done so far to celebrate the season.

Dec 1 - attended a Christmas party
Dec 2 - put up our tree, practiced for the Christmas program at church
Dec 3 - ate Christmas cookies from Icing on the Cookie. They are participating in a fundraiser for the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center this week called "Sweet on a Cure" where local merchants donate proceeds from dessert sales. AJ watched The Polar Express at school - They got jingle bell necklaces, the teacher punched their "tickets," and they had cocoa and cookies.(AJ declared the movie was certainly different from the book)
Dec 4 - took AJ Christmas shopping for her Daddy's present. After a quick dinner, we stopped at Whole Foods (another Sweet on a Cure participant) and AJ had candy cane gelato (I had orange fig.) Magnifico! At school AJ watched "Elf on the Shelf". I'm personally very anti-elf (I believe there is evidence on the internet that I recently wished to beat up the ladies who created this) but whatever. I'm trying to honor diversity!

I wonder what we'll do today that could possibly top that. Unfortunately, homework and laundry and regular life goes on during the Christmas season. We're doing our best to get in (and stay in) the spirit. Have a holly jolly day!


Granny Annie and Auntie Nonny said...

Laura, I can't believe that you would threaten to beat up anyone!!!!! And I don't believe that you COULD beat up anyone!( all 5'2" of you and not scary in the least.....) I'm not familiar w/ the story , but it must be pretty bad!

Laura Gallitz said...

Perhaps I shouldn't judge the Elf. I know I should not threaten violence to the authors, who are probably really nice. See this link for the story.
But the book came out in 2005, and already, thanks to the internet and word of mouth
(not to mention the made-for-tv movie that AJ saw) the idea spread like wildfire and is now an accepted tradition in many households I know. The idea is that this elf doll flies back to Santa every night to report on the household's children. Then, he hides. Often, the elves do something naughty like decorate Christmas cookies and leave a mess, for example. I think this creates a ton more work, creativity, time and commitment from parents. I am short enough on all of these things year-round, but in December I am really short on them. Santa is all I can do - one myth is difficult enough to perpetuate. Santa's helpers have to just check on other kids somewhere else. AJ is fine. Santa has no problem checking on her - AJ is so good he knows all about her.