Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winning Graciously.

Anna June has been following the Presidential race, as it's been a hot topic around our house. Since this is my blog, I don't mind sharing that I supported the President's re-election.

Ben shared this clip from The Simpsons, though, and AJ and I saw it. Take a moment. Laugh. It's funny.

Since seeing it, AJ has been giggling over "Ba-roccoli Obama" and "Meat Romney." She says "Rom-uh-nee." It's pretty hilarious, actually.

But on election day, I wanted AJ to understand about winning graciously.

First of all, a big thanks to Nana for watching AJ with her pinkeye while I took a walk and voted on each separate of the 11 Alabama Consitutional Amendments in addition to a bunch of judicial races and, oh yeah, the President. There was no line in the middle of the day when I went, but I heard it was busy early and late.

Anyway, on our way home from voting, AJ was asking about the election, and I told her we wouldn't know who won for a while.

I also said that whoever wins worked very hard to get that job, and both guys were really smart and would be a good leader of our country.

She mentioned that whoever won would probably still tell a lot of jokes.

I told her that was true, and it was also true that jokes would be told about him. As I told Anna June, we are very blessed to live in a country where we can say silly things about our leader and not get in trouble - just one of the many freedoms we have that some others do not enjoy.

When she woke up on 11/7, I was happy to tell her though, that President Obama got to keep his office for 4 more years and that also Angus' uncle Jim won his judgeship. So in our immediate life, things are pretty good.

I'm sure I can't spare her from the nastiness of partisan politics forever. But I wanted to teach her that winners should be gracious and that people can work together to get things done, no matter who we supported in the race.

I hoped the message soaked in.


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