Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Death of the Nap

Let us pause for a minute to remember our best friend, Anna June's nap time. Sadly, she took her last one yesterday.

AJ has never liked napping (or sleeping of any kind, for that matter). Nap time has evolved to "quiet time", where we hope she'll drift off to sleep. Even quiet time is often a fight. On Saturday, I badly needed a nap, and she kept asking me if her quiet time was up and poking me to wake me up. To be honest, I had to leave her with her daddy while I ran a couple of errands to just get away for a few minutes. I love her, but in my not-quite-asleep coma, the pokes in the face were not well-taken.

Yesterday, AJ was out of school for Veterans' Day. Since the bank was also closed, Ben stayed with her most of the day, with my mom keeping her while he went to the dentist. After that, the pair decided to go bowling, shopping, and out to lunch.

When they returned from their outing, they were very tired, so they napped for a couple of hours. At first, we thought this was a good idea.

Then, it was bedtime.

We bathed AJ, got her ready for bed, had family story time and got her in bed on time: 8:00 sharp. This never happens.

We were excited that, with her in bed, we could focus on paying some bills and folding some laundry. We got done, and it was 9:45. Surely, she was asleep. NOPE. Still awake. Still fussy. We tried everything: music, talking to her, loveys, etc.

I have no idea what time she finally drifted off, but it was probably after we did.

This morning, she was fussy and irritable. Tights weren't working for her, and neither was her pants/socks combo. She hated everything, from the way I brushed her teeth to the potential snacks for her lunch box.

Based on bedtime's late arrival, we had already decided that yesterday's nap would be her last. But this morning's tantrums sealed the deal.

We'll try to shoot for earlier bedtimes on non-school days, and just hope that she actually rests during rest time at school so she can make it to 8:00. I know lots of kids who've already given up their naps by AJ's age, but since she stays up so late (sort of by our choice, since we don't get to see her much during the day), we decided to keep trying. She so obviously needed them.

But at this point, it is no longer worth the fight. We'd rather have her a little fussy in the afternoons and then actually go to sleep at bedtime - even if she puts up a fight - rather than to have her lie awake for 2 hours and get our day off to a rotten start.

Goodbye, nap. We will miss you. May you rest in peace.

(Sorry, that was terrible.)


Anonymous said...

Sigh... might as well give it up; it just ain't happening. Hope that this leads to less turmoil , and by a possible quirky twisty turning of events,MORE BETTER RESTS!! ( COurse, it didn't happen that way with me and mine, but, never say never....)

Good luck.

Laura Gallitz said...

Yeah, I'm not overly optimistic about this plan. The book I swear by (Good Night, Sleep Tight) says that rest begets rest, and if she's not overtired, she's more likely to sleep well at night. This has certainly been our experience.