Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Boyfriend

On Thursday, Anna June had her first suitor.

Trey, a young lad from her class, informed her that she was his girlfriend. It was such a big deal to Trey that he told his big (8 year old) sister, Sophie. Their mom, Christine, reported it to me via facebook.

So the couple is, of course, "facebook official."

I emailed this information to Ben, who did not immediately have a heart attack.

At dinner, we asked Anna June about it.

"Anna June, do you have a boyfriend?"
"Well, this afternoon, Trey said I was his girlfriend."
"How did that make you feel?"
"It made me feel silly."
"OK. Well, if you don't want to be his girlfriend you can just tell him that your parents said you're too young to have a boyfriend," I said. I thought putting the blame on us could get her out of an awkward social situation.
"I know. You've already told me that," she reminded us.
I mentioned that we would probably still think she was too young, even if she was thirty.
 "You aren't allowed to have a boyfriend until after I'm dead," Ben declared. 

Later that evening, Anna June was in the bathroom and called out for her dad.

I mentioned he was in the other room, and I asked what she wanted.

"I just wanted to ask him when he is going to die," she said.


Granny Annie and Auntie Nonny said...

Well, well.
Trey IS a cutie , and SO SMART and wise, as evidenced by his zeroing in on Anna June.
How did you get a picture of them together??
This makes ME feel kind of sad and wistful inside........
And Daddy, don't you start making her worry about you dying!!!!.

Laura Gallitz said...

This picture is from our trip to Art in the Park at Avondale Park, in October. Trey's mom snapped it when the kids were in line to get their faces painted.

Also, Trey brought an extra juice box to share with AJ on Friday. Must be love!

Christine Isbell said...

They make such a cute couple!!!! :)

Laura Gallitz said...

They really are adorable! I love them to pieces.