Sunday, November 25, 2012

Simple Fun

Anna June, now not weighed down by the threat/promise of daily naps, has been a little restless. I went back to a "box of fun" I made months ago this weekend. Basically, I saw a list of 101 fun indoor activities to do with kids. I printed it out, cut it up, and put it in an empty Kleenex box. I was saving it for 9 months, waiting until she was bored and I had time for an adventure.

The first one we drew was "make a necklace from yard, beads, or fruit loops. AJ chose beads, so we headed to Dollar Tree. Who knew you could get 360 beads plus string for a dollar? AJ made me a great necklace.

Our Saturday activity was "give the child a roll of toilet paper and let her make a trail around the house." So fun!

I will report further adventures!


Anonymous said...

The ' 101 activities ' box is a GREAT idea!!!!!

Toilet-papering the house is too funny! I guess we know what activity she'll be participating in when she is old enough, come homecoming night! She'll be able to tell the police officer, " But I didn't think there was anything wrong with Mom and me used to toilet paper the house all the time. "

Anonymous said...

P' S' Tell her NOT to flush that when she's done playing!!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

LOL! Before we started, I made her promise she'd pick it all up and throw it away, so she complied. And the next time we were out we ran to the drugstore to get more t.p.