Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sick Day, or Live Blogging from the Bathroom

Note: this failed to post this morning. Read as if it's 11 AM.

Anna June woke up at 2 or 3 AM and cried, "I can't open my eyes!" With all the gunk and subsequent lack of sleep (for me), I decided to go ahead and call it pinkeye and declare a sick day.

We called the pediatrician, who doesn't want to see her, but is calling something in.

Of course, she feels fine. We've already colored a picture done all the dot-to-dots in several activity books and watched the beginning of a movie. By 9:30, AJ asked to make a craft.

Luckily, I have several ideas. She rejected many, but when I showed her the bathtub paints from Pinterest, (theidearoom.blogspot.com), she was sold.

I've been wanting to do this for a while, but haven't had a time when AJ could spend an hour in the bath. Today, though, it seemed like a good idea.

AJ loved the mixing. I loved that we had all the ingredients: corn starch, baby shampoo, food coloring, and water.

She is still in the tub, with no signs of losing interest. "This is so fun," she just said. It has been over 40 minutes, and she's having a blast covering the tub with colored, bubbly paint and then erasing with various things.

Since AJ is not big enough to be trusted solo in the tub, I have been in here with her, thinking of all I should be doing, including blogging. So I decided to do it now while I have time, though the messy activity isn't yet finished.

I bet you've never had anyone live blog your bath, right?

Here are some pictures I managed to take.


Anonymous said...

This DOES look fun!! GOOD CRAFT, MOM!! ( I can't believe that the food coloring didn't stain the tub and shower surface!!!

( this reminds me of the colored " gel" mix I sent down in one of the boxes...my thought while I was packing it , was: "Laura is gonna kill me ! "

Laura Gallitz said...

I have another whole post brewing about the slime bath. It was actually much messier than the bath paint, mostly because our tub doesn't drain particularly well.

The paint didn't stain, but I think that may be because it was so diluted and we washed it off as soon as the bath was done. She had a great time, so it was worth a little mess.

Anonymous said...

ps; I hope she is feeling better... it must have been one of those heart stopping moments , to hear her plaintive little cry in the middle of the Noc!.

It seems not too long ago I heard my own little ones wake me by crying: " My eyes aren't working!"( Shenandoah) and , "My eyes are broken !" ( Nonny)

Laura Gallitz said...

She feels fine, and has. The day before her eyes had been kind of crusty but when they were full-on matted shut we decided to call it. She's on antibiotic drops and is back at school today.