Friday, November 30, 2012


Yesterday, Anna June got her next mid-term progress report. As expected, it was very good to good.

I grabbed her old one (given out after the first 4.5 weeks of school) for comparison. She did get another "report card" at 9 weeks, but the categories are not the same, so I had to go back to compare the actual mid-term reports. (Working for statisticians has made me inclined to compare only apples to apples, after all.) These are my findings:

She has improved from "Good Progress" to "Very Good Progress" in the following areas:
Matches basic shapes and sizes
Able to copy numbers
Enjoys school and is usually happy
Skips in rhythm
Work on the computer
Hold and uses scissors correctly
I know what State I live in
I know what City I live in
I know months of the year
I know my left from my right

She has improved from "-" (which I assume means N/A) to "Good":
Bounces a ball & catches it

I know phonics & how to read

She has improved from "-" to "Very Good":
I know How many stars on the American flag
I know how many bars & stripes on the American flag

Other changes:
"I can write my first name" changed to "I can wrote both names"

There were no categories where she did not stay the same or improve.

There are still no "excellent" marks, but for now, I am very, very pleased with the improvement in 16 of the 53 categories (30%). She has 42 "Very Goods" and 6 "Goods" and 4 "-". I'd say that's, well, very good!

The other "Goods" not mentioned above are
Identify five senses

String beads
Trace a straight line accurately

So of course, we know where we need to make progress, but I'm glad that she's come up in the "enjoys school" category. She loves her friends and her teacher, and she's doing well.


Anonymous said...

FORWARD. That is her direction!!!

( I too am well pleased!)

Laura Gallitz said...

The teacher said that they're all progressing, which is exactly what they should do! (I'm still waiting for those "excellents" though.