Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Making it Work

Anna June has a great example of a hard worker in her Dad.

Right now, work is tough. Ten on a scale of 1-10, he says. (Mine has been rough lately, but not in comparison.)

AJ had a terrible day, too, exhibiting bad behavior at school and not getting a sticker at the end of the day.

We retreated to Chick-Fil-a for dinner, seeking comfort in MSG-laden chicken.

We arrived and found AJ's friend Dorothy. AJ asked Dorothy if she'd like to play on the playground after dinner. Two things to note: AJ asked the other kid to play (this has been an issue at school - AJ would accept, but not make, offers to play) and she said "after dinner" implying that she knew the rules.

The girls played and played. I got a chance to ask Dorothy about what happened at lunch, when the co-conspirators were caught playing with the wrapper from AJ's juice box straw instead of exhibiting good lunchroom etiquette. AJ's story matched Dory's : they were playing, and they got in trouble.

While the partners in crime ran off some frustration in the indoor playground, Ben and I talked about work, a subject that usually bores AJ. It was good to watch them have fun while we talked over things that are decidedly not fun.

We're hanging in there. We're making it work. We're taking it one day at a time.

Here's hoping today will be better, with no notes from school and no headaches at work.


Anonymous said...

Shenandoah on the phone w/ work during supper??? Evidently, the higher uppers don't understand the concept of "punching out". AJ in trouble at school ? Following her new 'no nap' schedule? There are bound to be bumps in the road... and it could be much worse! ( PLAYING with a straw wrapper? What ? Blowing it around??(I'm guessing) BIG DEAL!!!!)
She's not cussing out the teachers , or wrecking things, Hey. Kids are Kids.

Laura Gallitz said...

Actually, I took this picture at lunch at Rogue Tavern last week. We do still try to have lunch together once a week. He was not pleased that I took a picture of him while he took a call, but I thought he was so handsome I couldn't help it. I love it when he gets dressed up for work - he looked so GQ with his iPhone and his white shirt.

And when we do go out to lunch, we usually go at 11 AM, in order to be able to find adequate parking (a challenge in the Downtown-UAB areas of Birmingham) and avoid crowds. Unfortunately, the entire bank hasn't caught on to the early lunch time, and sometimes they'll call. Sometimes, it's important. I don't mind. I really don't. I like seeing him work and even though he may feel like saying "You idiot!" sometimes, he never does. And salaried employees never punch out, which can be a good thing or a bad thing.

AJ was in trouble at school for multiple offenses: repeatedly opening Ava's hair clip (at Ava's request) during nap time, singing/chanting the months of the year in a funny way during snack, when they were supposed to be quiet (Banuary, Bebuary, Barch, Bapril...) she claims she just couldn't stop.

And then, the straw thing. The girls had the wrapper (in two parts, if I understand right) and they were doing "tricks" with it, i.e., hiding it from each other in their hands. Who needs toys? Just give them trash!

Anyway, I do think this is in part caused by her runny nose/cough that's seems to be always with us, in addition to the exhaustion caused by the late night after napping.

The teacher is not upset. She wasn't there - the aide was there and the kids were evidently not respecting her authority. The aide reported to the teacher that she was SHOCKED it was AJ, but it definitely was. AJ was devastated, and many tears were shed, as I am sure they will be on Friday when she doesn't get a prize from the treasure box. She was appropriately comforted and lightly lectured.

Ben and I did later discuss that her violations were minor, but the fact that there were many of them and she didn't stop when she was told did deserve the lack of a sticker. We're very proud that - so far - she hasn't done anything mean-spirited or in anger. She just has to get a little self control going on, even when she doesn't feel 100% great. It's hard when you're 4!