Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween Part 2: Trick or Treating

I posted the other day about Anna June's Halloween costume. Now I want to talk about what we actually did on Halloween night.

First of all, I got off work early, as it happened, because Ben and I refinanced our house, and we closed that day. (Let the people all say, "hallelujah!")

So, I picked up AJ from After-School Care, and she had a bunch of candy with her from her classroom. The teachers and other parents assembled goodie bags for the children. Our school was "focusing on academics" on 10/31, so no one wore costumes or had parties, but the day was still marked with candy and other assorted treats. Very fun and cute.

We went home, had a hot dog, and got her in her costume. We were just getting ready to leave when three trick-or-treaters showed up at our door. We had Batman, a fairy, and something else I couldn't discern under his coat (it was cold)! After that, we set the bowl of candy outside and ventured out on our planned route.

Because our hill is very steep, and because we have so few children in our neighborhood, many years we don't have any trick-or-treaters. This year, I decided to let our neighbors know we were coming, so we wouldn't end up with random pudding cups or other treats that let us know they weren't really anticipating us (like we got last year). I went on our group, a social neighborhood network, and announced AJ would be trick-or-treating. The response was outstanding.

First to write in was Aunt Connie, saying she'd already talked to AJ and AJ wanted M&Ms. Our next door neighbor, Matt, was worried he wouldn't be home in time so I assured him we'd go uphill first and end up at his house. We are glad we did. Matt had made homemade haystacks (just for AJ!) and also gotten her two jewelry making kits. She was over the moon. Meanwhile, our neighbors down the street knew they'd be at their church's trunk-or-treat event, so they not only left a bowl of candy on the porch for all trick-or-treating kids but they also left a special package for AJ with her name on it. She got a glow stick and some other neat candy. Other neighbors had packages made up, and some singled out the best treats for her. Our neighbor Stella said she'd been waiting for AJ. She dumped her whole bowl of fruit snacks into AJ's pumpkin and said she was turning off the light when we left. Sandy up the street dressed up as a mad scientist and had special fruit roll-ups for our Little Bo Peep.

I really wasn't intending such a big deal. Of course, there were some surprises. There were at least two houses where we rang the bell and got an, "Oh, sorry, we're not handing anything out this year." And of course a few people didn't answer. But mostly, AJ was a big deal.

We also got a birthday party invitation to the first birthday of the twins across the street, Gabriela and Charlotte. That's another post, all by itself.

I wasn't anticipating that my mom's neighbor would beg us to come down, or the guy who works for Red Diamond coffee would ask us to stop at his house (free coffee samples in addition to vending machine treats!)

It took us over 2 hours to hit up all the stops, and we didn't even make it to Crestwood Blvd, where our presence was also requested.

We did have a great time, though.

By the end of the night, AJ was Little Bo Pooped.


Granny Annie and Auntie Nonny said...

SCORE!!!!!!!(this has got to be exciting for a little one....)
You have exceptional neighbors!

( little Bo Pooped is GOOD!)

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks! I read all this stuff about moms who make things so special for their kids - they can craft and sew and do professional-grade baking and make up creative games. Sometimes I feel like such a stick in the mud because I'll never do that kind of thing. But my strength is communication, so I communicated with a bunch of other folks who made her night really awesome. I know she appreciated it.