Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween: The Costume

I've gotten a lot of questions about how Anna June's Halloween went. In a word: fine!

While I really like Halloween, we were all preoccupied with other happenings in our lives, so planning for it was almost an afterthought.

Actually, AJ had several different ideas about her costume, and, from experience, I was afraid it was going to happen like this - despite her best ideas and intentions, she'd hate all of them the night before Halloween.

First, she wanted to be a ghost. A traditional, white sheet ghost. We went to the thrift store and bought a full-size white sheet "as-is" for 99 cents. I drew the eyes, nose and mouth and cut them out. I guess that AJ had not anticipated how a sheet would actually feel on her body. She hated it and it lasted 30 seconds.

After the craft bazaar and the acquisition of butterfly wings, we hoped AJ would be a butterfly. She has a leotard and tights, and I thought the wings and a couple of pipe cleaners on a headband for antennae would be perfect. AJ, of course, did not like the way my antennae looked. Therefore, she did NOT want to be a butterfly.

So, on October 30, we were at a crossroads. We could dig deeper into the dress up box and our creativity, or we could go store-bought. The only problem with buying a costume, of course, was that the costumes were all picked over. If we shopped at Party City, we envisioned a mob scene of procrastinating moms and exhausted, bratty kids. If we went down to Wal-Mart, we suspected we'd be in line for an hour. So we went with K-Mart, which, thank goodness, is still in our neighborhood.

At K-Mart, they had all the Halloween costumes right up front. And there weren't very many. In fact, in AJ's size, there were just two. The K-Mart line of Halloween costumes, Totally Ghoul, is terrible. They had "wicked" everything, even for children. I was pretty upset. But one of the two choices was one that AJ liked:  "Wicked Bo Peep." Luckily, she can't read yet, so she didn't know the "Wicked" part. It was half off. We bought it.

I decided it needed some help in the un-wicked-ing department, so I proclaimed that Little Bo Peep would need a shepherdess crook to go along with her outfit. I cut one out of cardboard, and Ben wrapped it in ribbon to add a decorative touch.

I had once seen a Bo Peep costume with little lambs attached to the back, and I dug in AJ's closet until I found her little lamb rattle stuffed animal. I tucked this into the sash at the back of her dress, and instructed AJ to ask, "Where are my sheep?" while turning around. Not surprisingly, she is a good actress.

I also made a "Lost Sheep" flyer, but in the end, with the crook and the candy bucket, it would have been too much to carry.

I had to assist her with the fingerless gloves and the sash/sheep combo, but she did everything else herself, including her makeup.

Here are the pictures I have of the night. I will post later about our trick-or-treating adventures and goodies.


Granny Annie and Auntie Nonny said...

That costume is adorable--fits her PERFECTLY!!!!!!!HOW, I might ask, does one ( ie , K-Mart) turn little Bo Peep into something WICKED?????? A shepherd 's crook should have come w/ the outfit, I think. Instead , she ended up with a shepherds crooked !! The sheep tucked in her sash was TOO CUTE! Now she has a cute dress up play dress,after the fact! I wish I could have witnessed her little spiel about the lost sheep. Well, that's done for another year. You guys kind of cut it close!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

Yeah, I'm not good at crafts. The staff broke part-way through the evening, but I got a picture of it (broken) before I tossed it. At least it was something.

I'm very disappointed in KMart. Little Bo Peep shouldn't be licensed, so there should be no problem with a regular costume. Sigh.