Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cutie Patootie

Anna June is a typical kid in a lot of ways. Right now, she thinks everything having to do with underwear or farting is hilarious.

Last night she actually was talking to her own butt, asking it to become "un-fart-able." I asked what that meant and she told me she wanted it to stop farting.

She also drew a picture on her chalkboard: underpants. She asked how to spell underpants, stinky, and P.U. (pee-yew? I don't even know.)

This phase is really funny, but I hope she learns to be ladylike in public with it.


Anonymous said...

OMG. She is her Fathers' daughter. TAlKING to her own BUTT??? I foresee many school issues as she sorts out what is 'home ' humor , and what is acceptable in public.

She is going to be the funniest kid around, tho !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ps: LOVE The big flower in her hair! Are you guys still dressing for summer? or is this an older picture??

Laura Gallitz said...

The big flower, and the overall dress, were both gifts from Aunt Connie.

This was taken in the past, but not too long ago. Our temps this week are in the 50s, but a week or two ago, they were in the 80s.

And yes, she is hilarious. We do need to work on what's OK at home and what's not OK in public, but for right now we can't stop laughing long enough to do it.