Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Brainwashing, But in a Good Way

Anna June must have been recently reminded that Santa is coming to visit in less than a month. Maybe it was the Learning Express toy catalog that arrived (news flash: she wants everything). Maybe it was casual comments from me. Maybe it was someone at school, or at Nana's house. Whoever it was, those forces have my utmost and sincere thanks.

Last night, I picked up AJ from my mom only to discover that she'd done all her homework for the whole week.

She came home and asked to "play" in her room. She cleaned up the whole room, including making the bed. She also and went ahead and selected her clothes for the next day without being asked - even her sweater. After dinner she made us come into her room for the big reveal. She was so excited and happy to show off her achievements, and I was also happy I wouldn't be tripping on a tea set or baby doll in the middle of the night.

She complied with bath time, even going so far as to starting to run the bath herself (a first). After her bath, no complaining about being "too damp" was heard, and she got herself ready for bed in record time, brushing her teeth and combing her hair. I wasn't even done with the dinner dishes before she ran in and announced, "I'm ready for family story time!"

She volunteered to work on her reading for the first part of our reading time. She is doing pretty well, by the way. At bedtime, there was no whining, fussing, or crying, just a mature request for some water and for me to turn on her ceiling fan. For the record, she slept all night, not even crying once.

This morning, I woke her up, and before I had even showered, she was out of bed, dressed and completely ready for school. Usually, wake-up time involves cuddling and cajoling, trying to think of creative races or reasons she must finally get up and dressed but today, she was like a completely different kid.

She did have one complaint. Because we didn't have to physically get her up and place her on the potty or squeeze her into her clothes, there wasn't a lot of AJ-parent time. She declared, "You haven't even hugged me this morning!" She was right - when she came into my bathroom when she heard me turn off the shower, I was soaking wet, and I only managed to give the big girl a high five. Poor thing. We rectified the situation.

I am not sure who brainwashed my kid, but I am selfish enough to hope that it lasts.


Anonymous said...



She is amazing. That's all. AMAZING!!!
And so sweet!!!
(I hope it keeps up for you guys....)

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks! I am pretty proud of her. Now if she can just wait until I get all the way out of the shower and dried off before bursting in, we'll be in business.

Anonymous said...

P.S. What does "working on her READING" mean/ entail ???

Laura Gallitz said...

Well, when we signed her up for school, we signed a "compact" that required us to read with our child for at least 20 minutes a day. At first, we were just reading to her, but we also realized it was a good time to get her to work on reading as well. She has started trying to sound out words, and she recognizes several sight words. Of course, all her books have pictures and she can infer a lot from context. She often makes wild guesses based on what is coming up next in the story. Her teacher has sent home some flashcards with sight words and some small xeroxed books with simple words (each book focuses on a particular letter or sound). She often complains about them because she gets frustrated as I point to each word and ask her to read the word instead of tell me what she thinks should come next. But last night she was happy to do it.