Thursday, November 29, 2012

Big Girl Room

Anna June cried out a few times last night, only because in her sleep she had moved to an awkward position and was up against the foot or rail of her bed. She's growing out of that toddler bed. It got me thinking about her room redo.

We're planning to redo her room (notice I didn't say redecorate - she can decorate it herself)  in March, near her 5th birthday. Let's pause for a moment while we all deal with the fact that she'll be 5.

I didn't paint her room before she was born. I had a theme, but didn't go too crazy with it. Now, the princess bears are starting to look babyish.

Here are some things we (she) want(s) to do:

Paint walls pink
Get yellow curtains
Get twin bed
Get pink polka dot or sherpa fleece bedding (I hope to use this to tie the pink and yellow together)
Get a small desk

We'll likely have to lose:
One chest of drawers
The rocking horse
Some toys
The vanity
All remaining princess bear stuff (wall hangings, valance, hamper). We'll keep the shelf until we replace it with another one or an appropriate place for all her stuff.

I'd love to display some of her hats and bags, but this may be too cluttered-looking.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

ALL RIGHT!!!! NOW you've revved my engines!!!Is this a picture of what she picked out , or caught her eye? Is pink her favorite color? Is this her idea to redo?Is she done with the baby things , REALLY, and ready to move on????

I KNOW what you mean about her being FIVE!!!!! You should think about this from MY point of view, where I've only SEEN her a handful of times!!!!'

I have to go now.. I'm getting verklempted!!!(How ever you spell it.)

Laura Gallitz said...

She didn't pick out this bedding - I picked it out and, honestly, AJ doesn't like it much. But she has selected pink walls. She wants a more Barbie/Pepto Bismol pink and we would like something lighter. She has decided on yellow curtains.

She is not done with baby things. She gets mad every time I mention passing on her rocking horse. She loves playing with baby toys even as much as she loves her iXL and other big girl things. It shocks us that she's not more ready to move on, but I understand it.

She likes the princess bears fine, but the idea of change is exciting to her. The hamper has seen better days, the wall hangings are falling down, etc.

Liz said...

I think that photo is adorable! I'm sure pinterest will have some amazing ideas to inspire you :)

Laura Gallitz said...

Yes, my "Little Girl Stuff" board is filling up with room ideas. I love this picture, too, and I wish we could re-create it in her room, but she just doesn't like this for some reason. I LOVE it. Oh, well. If I can steer her away from characters like Dora and the princesses and towards just cute patterns and colors, I think we'll be OK.

Anonymous said...

I guess I 'd be leery of too many changes at once, especially if she is communicating that she isn't ready to do ( lose ) some of the babier stuff. A big girl bed and maybe wall paint sound reasonable for starters. I know it is exciting and very tempting ( you know how much I LOVE these kind of projects), but please sleep on it a few more nocs!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

You are right. She is really excited about a desk, though. "Where I can do my homework!" she said.