Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Anna June pays a LOT of attention to what goes on, even when we don't think she does. Right now, like most of the country, we've been pretty interested in the presidential election. For what it's worth, we often read headlines and watch the debates just so we'll understand the jokes on Saturday Night Live, which we have to record and watch later, since there's no way we're staying up that late on purpose anymore.

Often, while we're doing other things, and, especially, when AJ is involved in some other kind of project, we'll watch our clips and laugh. This get's AJ's attention, for sure.

She refers to SNL as "That funny grown-up show."

She refers to Mitt Romeny as "That boy that used to be the governor of Massachusetts."

She knows the names of the President and First Lady, and she knows they have two daughters and a dog.

Ben watched clips from the Alfred Smith dinner in New York, and we laughed so hard that AJ now thinks that both candidates, "say a lot of jokes."

We have talked to her about voting a lot. Last night, Ben mentioned he'd like to go ahead and get her bath done while I washed dishes, because he wanted to be done in time for the debate. "There's another debate?" AJ asked incredulously. Honestly, the grownups couldn't believe there was another one, either.

I went to the grocery store instead of watching it. No matter which candidate promises to put more food on your table, neither one of them is actually going to go to Publix for me.

During bath time, I overheard Ben ask AJ about voting. We were both surprised that she knew and remembered you have to be 18 years old to vote in our country. She said that when she was older, she didn't plan to vote, which, of course made me very sad, but I know she's only four. Ben also, to his credit, started talking to her about how women did not have the vote until last century.

"Mom already told me that!" she told him. Of course I did - I shouldn't have been so surprised that it sank in. "I'm glad I didn't live back then!" she said. Me, too.

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