Thursday, October 18, 2012


Anna June has learned that because sometimes her parents are indecisive, she can get whatever she wants, especially when it comes to food.

A couple of weeks ago, she asked to go to Great Wall Chinese restaurant. We decided we'd go Sunday, after church, and take advantage of their lunch special.

Actually, AJ referred to it as "Great Mall," which we think would be an excellent name for a Chinese food court establishment.

We went, we ate, and when it was time to leave, I paid. The cashier asked if AJ liked her soup, which was all she ordered. I told her that yes, she loved the egg drop soup, but then ate half of my honey chicken as well. I also mentioned to the cashier that it had been AJ's suggestion that we visit the place again. She really likes the dragon on the ceiling.

The cashier, though, was very pleased that a little kid not only liked Chinese food and was willing to try new things but would also make a restaurant recommendation that her parents would accept. (I didn't tell her we were only there because it was Sunday and Chick-fil-A was closed.)

She wanted to give AJ a token of her appreciation, and asked if she'd like an umbrella. AJ was confused. She's already the proud owner of an umbrella, and it wasn't raining. The lady returned with a drink umbrella, and AJ was fascinated.

When we got home, I cut off the sharp end, and then she played with it for a while. Then, she asked that it be put in her drink, as I had explained the decorative purpose of the tiny umbrella.

Appropriately, she chose a blue Hawaiian Punch. This kid is going to do great in fashion or interior design, even just as hobbies - her use of color and composition continues to blow me away.

I hope this tropical drink and the smiling kid make your day seem brighter. It's quite dreary here and we may need to use real umbrellas today.


Anonymous said...

Dreary here today , too, and I could use a dose of that wee girl right now.
It is a sweet picture.
Maybe she'll grow up to be a Bar tender.
No No let's set our goals a bit in a different direction . I do not mean to denigrate Bar keeps... we all appreciate them when we go out to eat and treat ourselves. They enhance the relaxation and the whole experience.
AJ will be AJ , and that's good enough for me!!

Laura Gallitz said...

She's going to be great, no matter what she chooses to do!

Anonymous said...

P.S.: I LOVED those little umbrellas when I was a kid!!! I don't know WHY we ever had them since my parents never drank, and NEVER went out to supper; After the umbrella sheltered my Barbies from the sun for a while, I would unravel the paper parts to discover REAL CHINESE PRINTING ( or maybe Japanese ?) which I found endlessly fascinating! (thanks for another little side trip down memory lane!!)

Laura Gallitz said...

I actually suggested that AJ use this one with her dolls, but she wasn't interested that day.