Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Anna June, as all children do, sprinted through her first years of life hitting a lot of "first" milestones: step, word, birthday, etc. But now that she's bigger, I often forget she has so many more to go.

On Monday, her class will take their first field trip to the pumpkin patch. I was explaining she'll ride on the bus, and I'll ride with another mom to chaperone the event. She was suddenly excited- not because I'd miss work to witness the event (and be on standby in case of meltdowns), but because she's never been on a bus.

"I've always wanted to go on a school bus!"

She had a whole bunch of questions, like what buses look like on the inside, and whether they were more yellow or orange. She claims she knew they didn't have seat belts, but wishes they did (me, too). Heck, it has been decades since I've been on a school bus, so they might have them now.

She'll get her first report card the day after her first bus ride. We'll see if either one lives up to our expectations.


Anonymous said...

I'm excited FOR her!!It wasn't so long ago that she SAW her first school bus, and now she'll get to be on one.!! I LOVE how she'll say: "I've always wondered", "I always wanted..."

Don't forget to update us with her comments about the ride!!

Laura Gallitz said...

She loved the bus ride. They sat three to a seat, those tiny things. She played doctor, she told me, with her friends to pass the time. They had a great time, and there were no seat belts.