Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Anna June can act shy when she's around new people, but after she warms up, she makes friends pretty easily. On Thursday night, after our Thanksgiving celebration, we got together with some friends for a reunion of the Feast of the Five Frogs.*

AJ got to play with a fellow baby tadpole, Carter. Carter was visiting from Michigan. They had a great time playing together. I caught this shot of them right before the end of the party.

*If you want to know what this is, you'll have to ask my dad.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Case of Mistaken Identity

A couple of weeks ago, Anna June's cousin Colin got the privilege of not only going to a University of Alabama football game, but also meeting their quarterback, A.J. McCarron.

When Colin got home and told his sisters, Claire and Ella, that he'd gotten to get his picture made with A.J., they were "very jealous" (according to their dad) because they thought he meant Anna June!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Where's My Tape Recorder?

On just the ride to school this morning, Anna June and I got in an argument of sorts.

First off, AJ had a nightmare and ended up sleeping on the floor next to our bed with the light on at 4:45 am. This meant that we would not possibly be on time today. My first sentence to my husband this morning was, "We've got to get these damn monsters out of our house so our kid can sleep."

Getting ready for work/school had not gone well. So we were both cranky.

AJ was busy eating a box of raisins in the car, so I thought we'd escape it, but she still found time to be a backseat driver.

"Mommy, you passed a red light."

"No, I didn't. The light was green. I turned left, and what you saw was a red light for people who were stopped so I could turn."

"It was red. You aren't as good of a rememberer as me. You forget stuff. It was red. And Number three..."

I cut her off there. "Anna June, please be quiet right now."

I waited about thirty seconds, feeling guilty for cutting off my child and making her shut up. At least I didn't say "shut up," but I was too tired to be in the mood for a multi-point argument when I was clearly, actually right.

I said, "OK, AJ, you can talk now."

"And Number Three," she said, picking up where she left off.

I was too busy laughing to hear what Number Three was on her list of grievances. After that I tried to explain traffic lights to her again, without screaming, "You're three years old! I've been driving for more than 17 years!" but I think she went back to her raisins.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let's Go to the Movies

On Tuesday, Anna June's daddy and I had lunch and discussed our internet service provider (romantic, right?). We decided to switch, and around the time AJ and I got home from her appointment to get her flu mist vaccination, there was a truck outside to get it switched over.

After supper, Ben wanted to further test our connection by streaming a movie over Netflix. He chose Annie, at the top of our queue. Besides it being one of my favorite movies of all time, AJ regularly gets called "Annie" or "Little Orphan Annie" by complete strangers.

Now, AJ was in another room, and when she wandered into the den, the film was just beginning. Ben did not mention what he was watching, and I wasn't even in there. She looked up at the screen and saw Annie in the orphanage with her curly hair mostly a mess, and said, "Hey! That girl looks like me!"

From that point on, we were sucked in to watching the whole thing. Actually, we let her watch the first hour Tuesday night, and the second hour on Wednesday night.

I had my reservations about letting AJ watch it, since there are so many scary* or tense moments, but she was able to make it by sitting in my lap and not minding that I spoiled the climax of the film by whispering to her, "It's OK! Punjab saves her!"

The stopping point for Tuesday night was right after they got home from the movies. In fact, the number "Let's Go to the Movies" is probably my favorite number in the whole thing. It is so over-the-top and outrageous. But it was what was in my head on Saturday night, when we took our real live Anna June to the actual movies in our neighborhood.

AJ has been to the movies once before, for a birthday party. I have to say, if we had paid attention to our neighborhood theater's policy of ages three and under not paying for tickets, we might have gone sooner! We were going to use up the last of the bargain basement tickets we had bought from Sharing Spree (for $1.75 each!) that were about to expire. So the three of us went for a total of $3.50, which we paid months ago. Of course, we chowed down on popcorn, so there was that expense, but it was still quite a deal!

We went to spend it on The Muppets. I had been looking forward to it since I heard about the project. I liked it much more than AJ or Ben, but I think we all had a good time. The plot was nearly identical to The Country Bears, which we had already seen! But it had Jason Segel, and he's just one of my favorites.

AJ says she didn't like it, but she's been singing Muppet songs, wearing her Kermit the Frog socks, and talking about parts from the movie all day. There's a scene where Gonzo is about to knock a bowling pin off Jack Black's head, and AJ thought that was so funny she came straight home and grabbed her bowling pin and put it on her head and hollered, "head bowling!" And when I misquoted the film, she totally called me on it. She is such a sponge, which is why I try (and frequently fail!) to keep her away from movies that aren't good for her. But I couldn't resist this. It makes me feel better to know her friend Olivia, a year younger, also went this weekend. Her dad thought it was hilarious, too. It may be a generational thing.

*Lots of things are scary to Anna June. We spend at least half an hour every night trying to make her un-scared enough to go to bed.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Roll Tide, I Guess

Anna June is having a hard time choosing sides in the Alabama vs. Auburn rivalry. While she has an uncle who attended Alabama, she also has one who attended Auburn. Since her parents both attended UAB, we're having a hard time instructing her. Fans from both sides are terrible to one another, and it would actually be OK with us if she didn't pick one. In fact, although I am an Alabama fan when pressed, I'm actually a UAB fan, and as such, I'm pretty mad at our shared Board of Trustees and their lack of support for our football program.

However, our cousin Judy sent AJ an Alabama shirt last year, and I have not been able to get her to wear it at all. Last Friday, they had Alabama/Auburn day at AJ's school, and, the night before when we were selecting her outfit for the day, I got her to JUST THIS ONCE try on this shirt for a picture. She ripped it off right afterwards, assured that I'd never "make" her wear it again.

If you can't tell from the picture, the shirt says "Start 'em young, raise 'em right." She didn't wear the shirt, but she did end up wearing all red on that day. She said that most of the kids in her class also wore Alabama colors. This does not surprise me, as Alabama is likely to go to the National Championship this year.

But when we were getting ready to watch the Iron Bowl yesterday, she said that she wanted "the Auburns" to win.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Toe Shark

At the end of September, we visited Panama City Beach, along with Anna June's Granny and Aunt Nonny. Granny gave us a beautiful beach-themed picture frame that said "family vacation." I was immediately chagrined, because I spent so much time relaxing and focusing on enjoying our time in Florida, I did not take any pictures. Well, I took one getting in the car on the way to take them to the airport, but besides that, none. Shame on me.

I begged Nonny to send me her pictures, and she did.

Of course, since I didn't know about the frame, we didn't make a conscious effort to have the three of us, or the five of us, for that matter, photographed together.

I was having a hard time figuring out which photo we would frame. There are a couple of the three of us in the same shot, but one has me buried in the sand and one is a very unflattering picture.

I called in the expert, Anna June. I showed her all the pictures on Nonny's CD, and she made her selection.

Here is what she chose:

That is my husband, with his freakishly opposable toes. He was making them into "toe sharks" to torment AJ, which she actually found hilarious. She laughed at this picture, and hand-picked it to go in our special frame. So if you come to the house and see framed toes, you'll know that the mere mention of "toe shark" makes her crack up.

Here is our revised album from September, featuring Nonny's pictures.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Anna June with Ms. Kaye

We are thankful today for our bountiful and many blessings.

Anna June is thankful that Ms. Kaye didn't make her stay in her Indian costume. That's right: Ms. Kaye let her change after she was "uncomfortable". She wore a tank top, and decided she'd rather be a Pilgrim instead.

I'm thankful for sweet teachers whose head does not explode because of the whims of preschoolers.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One Little, Two Little

Anna June's school, as I have mentioned before, is having problems with communication and organization.

Last week, they were to have Pilgrim and Indian Day, but for the big kids, it was postponed until today.

Last week, I had run out to the Salvation Army's local thrift store to see what I could find in the way of costuming my little Indian girl. I found a gathered tunic top, in beige, and I thought pairing it with AJ's brown leggings would be fine. The shirt met AJ's requirements of not having any fasteners, so I went ahead and bought it.

Today, when it was time to get dressed in her Indian garb, Anna June did not like the shirt. It was UNCOMFORTABLE. She started screaming.

Ben and I went out of the room to confer. While he was sympathetic to her sensory issues, I declared that she always gets her way when she throws a fit because we can't stand the screaming, and we cannot let her "win" in this manner.

She screamed and screamed. Finally, I told her, very calmly, that it didn't matter whether she screamed or not, she was going to have to wear it. Then I distracted her with a peanut butter and banana bagel sandwich, and she seemed a little better.

I had mentioned the paper sack vest I planned to make last weekend. It did not happen, partly due to the errands we had to run, a birthday party we had to attend, and a fancy dinner out with my brothers. But mentioning stopping by the grocery store on the way to school sort of appeased AJ.

Then, I "forgot" about it. Actually, I decided to skip it, because AJ had moved on. When we got to school, however, she acted genuinely sad that we didn't have paper sack vests. So I asked the teacher how many they'd need to get all the little Indians dressed. She said since 2 kids would be out today, that left 9.

I went to Publix* and asked the cashier for 9 paper sacks, and she graciously obliged. I hurried back to the school and the teachers said they'd be glad to have one extra craft today. Ms. Kaye was already taking scissors to the first bag when I left. I was only a little late - light traffic today! It was totally worth it, though. I can't wait to see their creations...having a professional do the job, the results will almost certainly be better.

These pictures are from the cell phone, and I hope the one I got on the "real" camera is better. The giant water spot on AJ's shirt is from brushing her teeth. After she was done, she mournfully declared how she was "all wet." I saw this as a ploy for her to change clothes, but she was not getting me to cave that easily. I told her it would dry.

*Beth works at Publix, and I did pop over to the bakery to holler "hey" at her, but she was engrossed in a task and didn't hear me. Also, there was quite a line of folks at the counter. The day before Thanksgiving at a bakery has to be as bad as anywhere else in retail the day after.

Monday, November 21, 2011

No Cavities Again!

Anna June had a dental check-up this morning. I know it is weird, but she actually loves going to the dentist. She talked about it for days beforehand. On Saturday night, she told my dad that she was going to go to the dentist and she has 20 teeth, which was accurate. Of course, on Sunday, when we saw my friend Holt who is actually a dentist, I asked her how many teeth she had, and she said "40." Thank goodness, no.

This morning, she jumped up as soon as she finished breakfast and brushed her teeth in anticipation.

She has no cavities. Her X-rays look good.

We found her hand print on the ceiling and her picture on the bulletin board. How much she's changed in just a year!

She got a princess toothbrush and a bouncy ball as a prize. I can't tell if she's more excited to get home and play with the little ball or get home and brush her teeth.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Just Like Mommy

When Anna June spotted my glasses on the sink while I was washing my face, she grabbed them to try them on. Ben got a good shot of her. Don't you think she looks just like Mommy? Or else, just like Jonathan Lipnicki?

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Back when we went to Tennessee on vacation, Anna June had fun playing with the other kids. Here are two brief clips of her, taken just before we came home.

The first one is AJ performing her Wiggle Dance.

The second one is AJ and Jada playing "Mosquito" - which is essentially tag but with buzzing.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Elephant Dance

Back in the summer, Anna June, her dad and I went to the zoo for a very short visit before it rained.

I haven't posted videos in a while, so I thought I'd go back find something funny on a not-so-funny day.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pilgrims and Indians

So, it started when I was taking Anna June to school on Monday. The sheet sent home said, "Children can dress as Pilgrims or Indians." I found this to be somewhat ambivalent. Does it mean they can dress up if they want to? Or does it mean that they should dress up, and their choices are Pilgrim or Indian?

I asked AJ if she'd rather dress up as a Pilgrim or an Indian.

"Indian," she said. We talked about how she already had brown leggings and maybe I could find/use a brown dress or tunic. She was only interested in a headband, and we discussed how she could use what she had to accomplish that part. The note home said they'd also be making head gear, so I told her she could wear one of her own until they made one. She was OK with it.

She told me that Indians carried books all the time. I asked her where she got that information and she told me that she just knew. I told her I wasn't sure that was true, and it would probably be better to carry a bow and arrow for hunting food, or maybe a basket for gathering berries.

"Hunting food?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said. "They killed animals for food."

"We don't eat animals. We just eat our food."

"Sweetie, we eat animals all the time. We eat chickens, and cows, and pigs."

"Our food comes from animals? You have GOT to be kidding me."

"I'm afraid not," I said. "I know it is kind of mean, but that's how it is."

She sat silently for a few seconds, and then changed the subject. Ah, that's my girl, I thought. Let's just deal with the unpleasantness by ignoring it, shall we?

This was the first time the connection has been explicitly stated from the chicken she eats in various forms of nuggets, fingers, strips, or drumsticks and the chicken that goes "bock bock bock," in the farmyard. And by the way, the American preschool curriculum dwells far too much on animals and their noise-making characteristics. I blame them for part of this shock. Of course, if we lived on a farm, this wouldn't be a surprise to her at her age, but, thank goodness, we do not.

Meanwhile, I'll be searching for books on how to raise a vegetarian child. I doubt there are any that specifically cover how to raise a vegetarian child when your brother makes a living by selling meat from animals.

Also, for the "big kids" at school, Pilgrim and Indian day has been postponed to the day before Thanksgiving, since they need to rehearse their Christmas program. If I had known that, I wouldn't have spent yesterday's lunch hour chasing down an appropriate top and remembering how to make an Indian vest out of a paper bag - which I haven't done yet, but I will still do this weekend, time permitting.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Haul

On Halloween, Anna June didn't do so much trick-or-treating. We hit up enough houses to say we did it, but I know that by my own standards as a kid, this was just a drop in the orange bucket.

These are pictures of AJ with her stash from Halloween day. This does not include what she got at Boo at the Zoo, or what came from the McWane event we attended. This is just from school and the door-to-door treat seeking we did. Not a bad haul. Her dad and I have thoroughly enjoyed pilfering it - AJ doesn't mind. We had to empty a bunch of candy from her special candy box, some of which could have been from this time last year.

Also, one of her teachers at school has been telling her that sugar isn't necessarily so good for her. When I asked her what she wanted for breakfast and she responded "something without sugar," I knew she'd been brainwashed - I mean, instructed. I am thankful for this. But if she's not going to eat that Snickers due to this new information, I bet I know someone who will.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Routine

With my recent resolution to be less scheduled, Anna June has found herself with a lot of opportunities to make decisions. Almost every week after church I ask her what she wants for lunch, knowing I'd be content with whatever she chose. Almost every week, she picks Arbys.

So basically, Sundays go like this:
Breakfast, usually something from a tube -biscuits or cinnamon rolls.*
AJ watches TV while I get ready.
Phone calls to various relatives
Grocery store
Dinner at Rusty's

Not a bad routine!

*"I can cook anything from a tube!" - Rory Gilmore

Friday, November 11, 2011

One Horse Open

The minute Halloween was over, Anna June's school started rehearsing for the Christmas Program. Before I forget: the Christmas Program will be on Thursday, December 8th, at 6:30. Write it down.

Honestly, I'm a little surprised they didn't start sooner. I remember starting in September back when I was in a choir, but then again, the three-year-olds are not going for vocal perfection.

When AJ started singing Christmas songs around the house again, I could tell they've been practicing. She started by singing "Feliz Navidad."

"Oh no," I said. Not that song again! I asked if they were doing a repeat of last year's program. She couldn't give me a straight answer, but my guess is - mostly yes. Our daycare is currently in-between directors, and I have no clue what kind of leadership they'll be able to provide in the area of seasonal entertainment. I am hoping for a real musician in place of a backing track (with vocals!) but I know that's one item on my wish list Santa probably can't bring.

In addition to "Feliz Navidad", AJ's been singing "Jingle Bells" and "Go Tell it on the Mountain". After a dessert run to this place the other night, AJ started rehearsing "Jingle Bells". We couldn't help but notice that she's doing fine on the singing, but is sort of iffy on the pronunciation. She, for example, could not get "one horse open sleigh." I have no idea what she was saying, but it was not "one horse open sleigh." Not that I blame her - she has no frame of reference. We live in the city, and there are no horses, and since we live in the Deep South, there are no sleighs, either, open or closed. I kept saying "horse, like you ride on!" and "open, like, not closed." She is just tongue-tied over that whole phrase. Luckily, though, we have lots more car rides between now and 12/8 to work on this.

When I first asked her, though, what she was singing, since she couldn't seem to get out the dreaded horse phrase, our conversation went about like this.

Me: AJ, what are you singing?
AJ: It's Jingle Bells. If you don't remember it from last year, it's OK. We're singing it again this year.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jack O' Lantern

The pumpkin Anna June selected at the pumpkin patch sat in our kitchen for a while. I had decided that, this year, we were going to carve a jack o'lantern. I ordered a pumpkin carving kit from Amazon. I didn't do my homework, and I overpaid for a kit made by Greenbrier International, which means it was made to be sold at Dollar Tree. Let's just say I paid more than a dollar for it, so I got ripped off.

We got down our Halloween box from the attic. Lo and behold, I had planned ahead for this year, and I bought a pumpkin carving kit on clearance at K-Mart last year- but I had totally forgotten about it.

So, armed with two cheap carving kits and all the stencils that came with them, we settled on a face. Basically, I did the scooping and Ben did the carving. AJ supervised.

Now that we've done this, I don't know if we'll do it again. It sat on our porch for a few weeks. We only lit it once, for this picture.

As we weren't home on Halloween, we didn't light it up then. I saved the tea lights and the cheap plastic carving equipment just in case we get in the spirit again next year.

We also saved some seeds - at AJ's insistence. They're drying in our kitchen for planting in the spring, just like in a book we read. If my planting track record is any indication, though, we'll be back at the pumpkin patch or, better yet, the grocery store, buying another pumpkin next year.

The pumpkin is gone, the decorations are back in the attic, but I thought you'd like to see our little girl and her first jack o'lantern, even if it's a bit late.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Keep Moving Forward

Anna June had a busy week last week. Monday was Halloween, which included her first real trick-or-treating and a party at school. Tuesday night she had a special night with her dad while I went to book club. Wednesday night we went to church together for a meeting and Family Night Supper. Thursday night, we went to Zumba. By Friday, AJ was exhausted.

All during Friday afternoon, her refrain was "I want my mommy!"

Her afternoon teacher, Miss Wimberly, tried her best to come up with a solution .

When AJ got home on Friday, she brought the invitation above to me.

I had to read it a few times, because the incorrect grammar and spelling threw me off.* Finally, I asked AJ if it meant that I was supposed to watch a movie with her. She said yes.

By Saturday, she wasn't feeling well, so I knew that the theater option was out.

Sometime over the weekend, we sat down and watched Meet the Robinsons, which we hadn't seen yet. It was pretty good.

Without spoiling the whole film, I can tell you the theme - it is OK to try and fail. The important thing is to "keep moving forward." I've been thinking a lot about forward motion lately, especially since I've been reading this blog, which is all about two moms who are trying to incorporate developing their mind, body, and spirit in their current crazy lives.

Anyway, the theme was not lost on me. So, instead of dwelling on the guilt that instantly popped up with this purple piece of construction paper for having a life that is too busy, I decided to keep moving forward, and embrace the 90 minutes of AJ sitting next to me or on my lap at the "scary" parts. That whole week's activities - and I'd like to point out that is not a completely typical week - were very important to my mind, body and spirit. And I felt I needed to do them to keep moving forward, myself.

The film ends with a quotation from Walt Disney himself:
“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

May your day be filled with forward motion.

*Nothing against Miss W, but when AJ learns how to read, she's going to have to have teachers that use "you're" and "your" correctly.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chicken Fat

When Anna June first brought home her daily sheet reporting that the song of the day had been "Chicken Fat," I had no idea what the teacher was talking about. After AJ started singing it to me, I was even more confused, as she has a tendency to sing the same line over and over again.

So I did what any modern, responsible parent would do. I looked it up on the internet. Sure enough, President Kennedy, God rest his soul, commissioned this tune to promote physical fitness in the schools in 1961. Recordings were sent to every school, with the idea that each child would perform callisthenics daily while it was played over the PA.

I asked my mother if she was familiar with the tune, and the accompanying exercises, and she said that yes, she was one of the kids that had to do it every single day in grade school. She called me back the next day to, um, thank me for getting it stuck in her head, even though she hadn't thought of it probably in decades.

So here, without further ado, is the Chicken Fat Song.

You're welcome.

Also, changing the subject, here is a link to our pictures from August. Not very exciting, but August isn't a very exciting month.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Change of Time

Anna June has been battling a cold, and, evidently, she has given it to us. She and I stayed home almost all day yesterday. We ventured to Rusty's for dinner, though, because I honestly felt that the only thing that could make me feel better would be his chicken and sausage is just like my dad's gumbo, except not quite as spicy and without shrimp. It is exactly like I like it, and, with all the talk about Louisiana cuisine, due to the epic Alabama-LSU match-up on Saturday, it was all I could think about. It was completely worth getting out of the house.

AJ had a great time staying home yesterday. She painted, colored, and drew. She watched TV, including football. She played with her dolls and cleaned her room. She helped me with some little projects and stayed out of the way for others. Besides the incessant snot, you'd never have known she was sick.

With our sore throats and such, Ben and I were not fans of getting up this morning. But the time change worked to our advantage with Anna June. The daylight was coming in her windows, and as soon as she overheard my alarm clock ring, she got out of her bed and into her clothes, including shoes, without even coming in our room first. That girl was ready to get back to school today. I asked her if she felt bad, and she said, no, she wasn't sick, she just had a cough. So, there you have it. She's fine.

Here are some pictures
I finally uploaded from June. I hope they help you think warm thoughts today.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hot cocoa

Skipping church with a sore throat and a coughing and sneezing Anna June brought hot chocolate. She had some in WI with her Granny this winter, but hasn't since. She chose the big marshmallows instead of the small ones. She was very excited to drink out of one of my mugs. I have to admit this came from the Nesquick bunny, but I did heat up milk in a pot. Worth it for this face.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Something I Did Not Know

Anna June burped this morning, and she said she "burped like a tomato frog." I had never really heard of a tomato frog, so I looked it up. Sure enough, it is a real thing. If she's already telling me things I don't know from preschool, I pretty much will give up when she gets older. Seriously - she'll have to call her granddaddy when she's doing calculus.

Friday, November 4, 2011

School Pictures

Anna June got her school pictures back this morning. I can't decide if I'm more disappointed in the hokey background or the fact that they didn't even bother to wipe her face before picture time. Either way, bleh. Our kid is cute, though.

Let me explain about the net. In the pre-Picture Day paperwork, they mentioned that they could get a shot of the kids with a prop. After we selected this gorgeous handmade dress (which may be one of my favorite things AJ has ever worn), one of us decided she needed to bring her butterfly net to complete the ensemble. If I had realized it would have been against the autumn background, I may have skipped it and gone with something else: a different outfit, a different prop - something. But since we all know how hard it is to get AJ dressed, I have to say that it could have been worse.

And, I'd like to add that all of these photos are copyright Life Touch, and I'm sure I'm not supposed to be posting them. But I have to post them now before the order is due. I need to know from anyone who wants a copy of these gems which shot you want: Fall Background, Fall With Net, or Chair. If you have the first three years of pictures and are going for the complete set, I'd vote for sticking with the wicker chair.

Please let me know which one you want and what size, either in the comments or by email. You can call me on the phone, but I may remember better if it is in writing. Also, a bunch of photo gifts are available. So if you want AJ on a key chain or a mouse pad, let me know. Christmas is just around the corner.

And if you want to see some pictures of something other than Anna June, look here for our May album. Yes, May. When I posted July the other day, I realized I haven't posted May or June yet. Here's May, mostly pictures of Do Dah Day, which AJ has already asked many times when it is again. It is in May - but since it has been on her mind, maybe you'll enjoy seeing my pictures of the parade, which she enjoyed so much.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hat Day

Anna June's school had Hat Day today. Anna June told her teacher that she was going to wear a "fabulous" hat. I am glad that AJ loves this hat, that she wore on Easter 2010, and I am also glad that I bought it for $1 at Dollar Tree.

AJ's sticker chart this week shows a space for selecting clothes the night before, then wearing them the next day without changing her mind. She got one sticker on Tuesday (for the clothes she picked Monday night) but didn't get one yesterday or today. Yesterday it was shirts and today it was shoes. She'll have to do additional chores if she wants to do something else to make up for it, although I'm not sure I like this solution, as it provides a way out of doing the sticker-earning task. She really wants to get more eye shadow. Last week, AJ's treat for filling up her sticker chart was a giant lollipop. The week before, she wanted glittery eyeshadow. Instead, we got loose glitter, suitable for eyeshadow. Of course, she wants the real deal now!

AJ saw a trick on Caillou where they took a flashlight and a straw hat, and shone the light through it in a dark room to make stars. She's been having fun reproducing this at home, and, when it was Hat Day today, she also had to bring the flashlight along to show off her trick, which of course doesn't work in the daytime. We're supposed to have a cloudy day today, so Ms. Kaye said she'd try again at nap time.

I'm so lucky we have accommodating teachers that will allow Hat Day to turn into Flashlight Day!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Growth Spurt

Anna June is hitting a growth spurt, and everyone notices it. The other day, Ben asked her if she grew that day at school. Patrick, seeing her Sunday, had only seen her two weeks prior and commented about how big she's getting all of a sudden. She is so tall naturally, and seems to get taller. Plus she's thin - and, frankly, I'm jealous. She takes her gummy vitamins daily.

She dawdled terrifically this morning, though, and while we didn't have our weekly soccer athletic shoe meltdown today - she wore them with no complaints, as she finally threw the flower shoes away - she had to change her shirt about 4 times. The first one was too big - it was a size 6. The next two were too small. Of course it depends on the shirt, but sizes 4 and 5 are sometimes snug on her. The last one was too ruffly, but I made her wear it anyway, as we were SO late. She kept telling me, "I'm not going to be late." She was right, of course. I was late. Again. I think I'm going for some kind of record.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Anna June and Ben are giving me some time off, as he took her to school today and plans to pick her up this evening so I can go to my book club. I haven't been in so long, they may faint.