Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Beach

Anna June went to the beach in October 2008, when she was only 7 months old. We had a fantastic trip, but shortly afterward, our home was burglarized and our digital camera was stolen. Of course, it had the only pictures taken of AJ on the beach in her bathing suit! To this day, that is what upsets me the most about all of the things we lost, even though we've got thousands of pictures of Anna June that are just fine.

This trip, I wanted to be more proactive in getting the pictures uploaded. You know, just in case.

So here they are: the first pictures of AJ on the beach in existence. These are with Granddaddy and Nana, of course. When I showed these to her on the computer last night, I asked AJ who those people were. She said, "Renee and Jerry." I am sure it is from being around adults all weekend who referred to them as such, but I hope she goes back to calling them Nana and Granddaddy. Soon.


Anonymous said...

The water looks so clear...I thought it would be showing the effects of the oil spill.........This looks so pleasant and relaxing. GLAD everyone got to go! Did you guys actually swim??? Love, Granny

Atlanta Gal said...

I know how you feel... I'm still so upset we lost our camera and all our Napa Valley pictures in San Francisco.