Thursday, October 28, 2010

Up Before the Sun

Anna June woke up at 5 am today. First, Ben woke up, then I was up and our conversation woke up AJ and then Radar. From 5-6, we all tried sleeping in one bed. None of us slept. In retrospect, I should have just told AJ she had to go back to sleep. But because AJ was up so much earlier than usual, getting her ready for school was a breeze. Here are some notes on the current phases she's in:

She will still do most anything for a piece of candy. Also, she loves to have "surprises" in the car when we pick her up.

I told her that her hair would be less tangled if she wore it in a ponytail, and she was in favor of the change for about 30 seconds, until she saw a tiara she'd rather wear. Luckily, that plan ended before time to go to school.

I have told her I will not allow her to have gum until she is 3, although a goody bag from a birthday party at school almost broke me last night.

She loves to eat while sitting on my lap. This results in much food spilled on me and on the floor (to Radar's delight).

At school, they are learning about personal belongings and personal space. Last night she wanted every single bath toy she owned in the tub with her, which I allowed. When she tried to get in the crowded tub, she was moving toys out of her way and remarked, "I need some personal space!"

She wanted to sleep with both of her Raggedy Ann dolls last night - I had quite the time finding the small one, which was in my room. Maybe she had previously thought I wanted to sleep with the doll instead.

School picture day is next week. I have no idea how to narrow down our choices of outfits. I will not let her choose, except maybe between two equally acceptable ideas. It is going to be hard enough to get it down to two. She asked to wear blue overalls yesterday, but when I pulled them out she didn't like them and had a total meltdown.

Allowing her to select her own Halloween costume is a mistake, at least this year. We have a Dora outfit purchased, but since then, she has wanted to be a princess, ballerina, bear and Minnie Mouse. We'll come up with something, and it will be cute. And she will go trick-or-treating, and we will take pictures.

She is confusing Halloween with Christmas. She asked for something she didn't have last night, and said, "Maybe Halloween will bring me one!"

This will probably be my last blog post until Monday or Tuesday, so have a Happy Halloween, everyone!

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