Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Despite Anna June's excitement over dressing up as a ballerina-princess-fairy when Aunt Nonny and Granny were in town, she just can't get excited about actually getting dressed for school. I pulled out some brand new blue jeans and a new Dora the Explorer t-shirt for AJ this morning. She would not get dressed. I asked if there was another outfit she'd rather wear instead, and I was shot down. If I had brand new jeans and a new shirt, I'd probably be excited about getting dressed! But, no. We tried eating breakfast first, which didn't help.

We basically have to just ignore her screams and wrestle her into whatever she's supposed to wear, including shoes. We tried again with the brand new Dora shoes, thinking if we could show her they matched her shirt and that they helped make the ensemble a proper outfit that she'd go with it. Just more screaming.

I've tried letting AJ pick out her own clothes (the night before), I've tried letting her pick between two choices (the day of), and finally, I've tried just ignoring her screams and wrestling with her, which is the only solution that got us to work on time - although just barely. Basically, I'm going to need some effective wrestling training to get through the remainder of the terrible twos. Is Hulk Hogan available?

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