Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Beth!

I asked Anna June what we should get her Aunt Beth for her birthday. She replied, "A cake." Well, I thought, since Beth has a degree in pastry arts, it would sort of be like giving shoes to a cobbler, but, I decided to give it a try. On Sunday, after her nap, Anna June helped me bake a cake (from scratch) with icing. AJ requested that the icing be green, since that was her favorite color at the time. At first, she asked for blue. But then she changed her mind. We ended up with a nice mint shade of green. Ben, of course, was amazed that it turned out so well. He claims he had never seen anyone make icing - he thought it came from a can.

AJ really did help. She washed her hands, she got up in her chair and asked, "So, what do we need to do first?" She helped me count out the eggs. She helped me trace wax paper to line the cake pans. She helped me count out cups and tablespoons of the various ingredients. She returned the milk (half gallon) to the fridge. She also, in licking the bowl, managed to get a lot of cake batter in her hair. By the way, a huge thanks to Ben for being the one to wash her hair afterward! I was busy removing pale green icing from every surface in my kitchen!

We took the cake to Rusty's BBQ, where we ended up celebrating Beth's big day with Patrick and Liz, and friends Cora and Philip. A good time (and good cake, if I do say so) was had by all.

On the way home, Anna June told her favorite colors. "Blue. Green. Orange. Pink. Black."

"Anna June, is every color your favorite color?"


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