Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gossip Girl

Anna June has become quite the reporter. She comes up with random bits of information for me that help me know what is going on in her head.

Here are some tidbits she has offered me lately from school:

"Miss Kaye's snake died."
"Amber was not at school today."
"Drew's dad had some candy in his mouth."
"Miss Susan was singing about apples and bananas. She had a banana and part of it dropped onto the table."
"Miss Susan's dog Happy chased a chipmunk and it ran into the ground."
"Sipsey has a new house."
"Miss Cathy puts a pencil behind her ear."

She is so articulate that I really don't doubt anything she says. Sometimes, though, she'll tell me a child is sick and I find myself emailing their moms to make sure they're OK, and they're fine - they were just out of school for a different reason.

Last night, when AJ was up unexpectedly from 2:30 - 3:30 am, I was trying to convince her to go back to sleep. I told her she has a big day ahead, because she is spending the night tonight with Nana. She perked her head up, smiled really big, and said, "Granddaddy can't wait!" That, I know, is a fact.

Speaking of Granddaddy, he told me a story (from her teacher, Miss Susan) that I had not heard. Since it is third-hand information, I can't vouch for its veracity, but since we're on the subject of things AJ says, here goes:

One of the things the kids get to do in Pre-K is to go to the cafeteria for lunch. I believe Miss Barbara is the lunch lady that cooks and serves them the food. The children were in the cafeteria and the teachers detected that someone had had an accident in their pants. The teachers asked who had poo-pooed. No one said anything. So the teacher emphasized again, "We're not mad, we just want whoever it is to get cleaned up." Again, there was silence. Anna June, demonstrating her outstanding leadership qualities, spoke up for the group, "We think Miss Barbara poo pooed!"

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Anonymous said...

Okay! Granny almost poo-poohed in HER pants when she read this! She is going to be one of these kids where the parents kind of brace themselves every time she starts talking , because they don't know WHAT what she may come out with!!