Thursday, October 7, 2010


Anna June's class is learning letters. They're not really trying to write them, just trying to recognize them and their sounds. It is interesting to see how she's progressing with this.

Yesterday morning, I asked if she wanted a banana or a bagel. I said, "buh-buh-banana and buh-buh-bagel! They both start with the same sound! What letter makes the "buh" sound?" "B!" she said!

This morning at daycare we did the same thing with "duh-duh-dog" and she said "D!" I am so proud! I think she probably knows A and C as well, since we're going in order. She has a hard time recognizing A, but can get B, C, and D, as well as a few others like O and Y. We've been working a little with her alphabet puzzle at home. Maybe if we're ever home we'll work on it more.

Also interesting, if you look closely in this picture, Anna June has chosen her two apparent favorite colors, orange and blue. Maybe we'll give this letter D to Uncle Drew to hang in his room.

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Atlanta Gal said...

Maybe she's an Auburn fan in the making with those blue and orange color choices!