Friday, October 1, 2010

Bonus Post: It's Gotta Be the Shoes

While Anna June can go from zero to hysterical in about two seconds, there seem to be two things that routinely send her over the edge:

1. Being wet
2. Footwear

Being wet is pretty easy to figure out. She doesn't like it when things spill on her. She also, apparently, doesn't like being sweaty. At daycare on Wednesday (which was a bad day all the way around), she cried because she claimed to have wet underwear. Her teacher said that, no, she was not wet, but then relented when AJ cried and cried and cried. She let her change her panties, and she went back to being fine. The following day at school, AJ spilled a tiny drop of water on her shirt and freaked out in similar fashion.

Also on Wednesday (better known as the Day of Breakdowns), AJ had her first major time out at school because of sweaty footwear. (See above. Items in both categories = major catastrophe.) She had taken off her socks and shoes, and then refused to put them back on because they were "too sweaty!" So then, the poor teacher went to get a clean pair for her and AJ DID NOT like them! She had the rest of her meltdown. Sigh.

In hopes of a remedy, Thursday night, I took AJ shopping for shoes that were not too little and socks that were not "too crooked". We had no luck. We looked at two different stores, which was one too many. To her credit, she did not dismiss them on sight. She tried each pair on, only to declare them too big, too small, too crooked, or, simply, "I don't like them". Ben even went to a different store, bought a pair of Dora the Explorer shoes, and AJ refused to wear them, too.

I've talked to a few moms, and all of them say this is just a phase. I have had a couple of people tell me that their child/relative went through the same thing with socks and shoes. One said that if the seam didn't line up exactly right on her sister's shoes, major tears would fall. At least AJ hasn't been pulling out chunks of her own hair in frustration, as a friend's granddaughter has. Welcome to the terrible twos, ladies and gentlemen. I'm trying to enjoy the sweet moments, but this week they're few and far between.

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Anonymous said...

Well...... Shenandoah did go thru a similar thing , starting at 2 years........He started to refuse to wear shoes that had laces...they HAD to be velcro or slip ons. Also, he had trouble with waist bands on his undies and his slacks; he would push them down around his hips or unzip them and walk around with a wide open fly. with undies pulled down LOW under them. I thought he was going to grow up to be an exhibitionist. I had my worst time of it during that phase.
Looking back, even tho it was sorely trying, I wish I had had better patience. After all, they seem driven to this behavior , not TRYING or INTENDING to be naughty, but driven by something bigger and stronger than they are. My thoughts are with you all and with our BUG whom I sorely miss.