Monday, October 4, 2010

Be Careful What You Say...

On Thursday, as I was talking on the phone to Anna June's teacher, I said something like, "She has just been so out of sorts lately I feel like something is going on. I expect her to just puke or something and I'll know what was wrong."

On Friday night, she did just that. All night. Bless her sweet little heart.

I felt so terrible at first. I had just put her to bed and she called out "Mama!" in her pitiful voice. I was certain it was just a stalling tactic. Most nights she calls out for me, and I run back to her repeatedly. I was doing something and I said, "Just a minute!" which I never do. I was on my way when I heard the terrible (but telltale) sound.

Here is where I will stop describing the disgusting part and say that Ben was a true hero this weekend. He cleaned like a madman. I got to hold the sick baby, and he had to do the dirty work. He did a great job and kept negative comments to himself.

After changing clothes, etc., I sat down to hold AJ in the rocking chair in my room. She asked me quietly, "please don't rock me!"

AJ ended up using her nap mat to sleep on the floor beside my bed. Even though she was well by Saturday, she asked to do it again Saturday night, and I agreed. Both days this weekend she napped in our bed beside me. We needed the rest!

This week at daycare the theme is "Health and Hygiene." Maybe it will help going forward.

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