Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby's First Mud Mask

On a recent family trip to the grocery store, Anna June's daddy thought it would be funny to toss a random item into the cart: a blue sea salt mud mask. He thought it was funny - the lady on the package had her face covered in blue goo. I thought, "Hey! I've never tried a mud mask!" It was one of those things I'd never have gotten around to buying for myself.

So it has been sitting in our bathroom for a month, being that I've not gotten around to trying it for myself, either. Too busy! But AJ, in her infinite curiosity, asked, "What's that, Mommy?" about once a day the entire time it was in my bathroom. Finally, Tuesday night I said that it was going to be the night to try it, and I would let her join in.

Anna June's skin didn't need any help (as seen in the "before" picture at the bottom), but maybe it did make a tiny difference in mine. Either way, we thought it was fun to let it dry while we read her stories. It was difficult to wash off of AJ, because she wouldn't be still. I was glad it did come off, though, because I didn't want to explain why my child looked like a Smurf.

(PS - I don't know if the photos show it, but we had just had blue popsicles, so please excuse the blue teeth to go with the blue mud.)

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Anonymous said...

HEY! Was her skin okay after this??? She still has baby skin!