Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where a Kid Can Be a Kid

Anna June's Grandpa and Grammy came to visit this weekend, and we were kept very busy! On Saturday, Grandpa suggested that we go to Chuck E. Cheese. Anna June didn't want to go at first, but we found a clip of Sheldon jumping in a ball pit on The Big Bang Theory to demonstrate the fun that would be had at the venerable pizza establishment. She was sold. But then, to our dismay, we arrived only to learn that the ball pits had been phased out - they're too hard to keep clean. I was sad to learn that AJ would miss out on something Ben and I had both enjoyed during our childhood. But never fear - we hear our local Carmax has one, so in a few years when we're car shopping again, we'll bring AJ along - but we'll call to check first if it is still there. We've learned our lesson about promising things to Anna June without the power to deliver them.

At any rate, the pizza was better than we remembered and Anna June had a good time checking out the rides and getting the hang of some of the games. And she cashed in her tickets for candy - one of her favorite parts! We will definitely be going back!

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