Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Visit Wrap-Up

This morning, when she was complaining about going to school, Anna June looked at me and asked, "Is Granny going to come back?" I told her yes, but not today. She was a little disappointed. She had a fantastic time over the past few days. Here are some highlights:

On Friday, AJ, Granny Annie and Aunt Nonny got to stay home all day. They made us "breakfast for dinner" featuring grits casserole, bacon and biscuits. It was delicious!

On Saturday, we headed out for the zoo. Aunt Nonny had been to the Birmingham Zoo before, but not with Anna June. She was delighted to show her the kangaroos and especially the gorillas. (We looked it up and found that gorillas are primarily vegetarians, but often eat bugs as well.) During nap time, Nonny and I hit the thrift stores and found a couple of bargains. Saturday night, Ben and I went on a date and the girls all had a ballerina party! (Pictures and more details to come soon.)

On Sunday morning we baked cookies with some dough I bought that looks like play-doh. Then, we visited the McDonald's playground for lunch. We went to the Leeds Folk Festival in the late afternoon, and we returned to Rusty's BBQ for a big family dinner.

On Monday, we were very sad because Annie and Nonny had to leave. Ben had to work, so we met him at Chuck E. Cheese for lunch. After a shortened nap, we took them to the airport. I asked AJ if she'd like to go anywhere else, but she was so tired, she said, "No, let's just go home!"

So we did.

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