Friday, September 3, 2010


Before this morning took a nosedive with Radar's escape (and subsequent valiant capture by Ben), Anna June and I spotted a turtle in our yard. Here are the photos I managed to get.


Anonymous said...

TOO COOL!!!!How did AJ like it???? Is that a turtle or a tortoise?

Anonymous said...

Hey! This IS a TORTOISE! Which makes it even cooler. You can tell by the feet and domed shell.They don't live in water, only need a small supply for drinking and occ. bathing. AND, they tend to stay in one area. They are herbivours. He could possibly live in your back yard for fifty years! You can pick him up from the back, just wash your hands after...there is something w/ turtles and Salmonella; don't know if that applies to tortoises also. Also . I don't know if it bites-----some turtles have a "beak" that is capable of inflicting some damage( as in Snapping turtles), but again, I don't know if this applies to tortoises.I bet Sipseys Dad would know. IS this indigenous(sp? to your area???? Tortoises tend to dwell in arid areas.