Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Time Out

Anna June, in the throes of the terrible twos, has really spent some time in the time out chair lately. In fact, we've used it morning and night for the past several days. (Ever since Grandpa left. I wonder if he'd come back...) My new favorite saying brought up by a friend (who got it from someone else) is that parenting is all joy and no fun!

Anyway, I will give her a few chances to be cooperative, and I will declare, "Anna June, you're not listening to me. I think you need to sit in time out." And for the past few days she has simply said, "OK!" Apparently, she needs a break from our disagreements as well.

So I sit her in her chair in the kitchen, set the timer for two minutes, and at the beginning of the time, I remind her why she's in the chair, and what needs to happen when she gets out. Then, I go about my business, in the same room, trying to avoid eye contact and talking to her.

I have heard so many people say, "back in my day, we didn't have time out. We had spankings!" Don't think I don't give AJ spankings. I know that opinions about discipline can be very controversial, but I have to do what I have to do with my kid.

In fact, this morning she got a spanking while she was in time out - she decided to scoot her chair around the room while the timer was still going. I was trying hard not to laugh, though, because she looked so funny, trying to keep her face in a nonchalant expression while she scooted her little blue-jean-clad bottom around the kitchen.

We hear she's a perfect angel at school. I've also been told that if she is sweet at school and collapses into fits at home that is perfectly normal. I guess I will just keep the chair handy.

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Anonymous said...

She is too FUNNY! Scooting her time out chair around during time out??!!! Very VERY CREATIVE!!!!! Your lawyer Dad could probably have gotten her out of that licken by arguing that she TECHNICALLY was observing her sentence, she WAS IN THE CHAIR!! The letter of the law, if not the spirit! No wonder you had to try so hard not to laugh.
Nonny and Shenandoah thought the time out chair was the worst thing imaginable! They would cry just being sent there! In fact, we called it the " Crying Chair"!

Oh, the sweet young girl.....I might have to teach her to say, "But, Mommy, I'm still very new!". (But PLEASE, try hard to never give her a licken in my presence...I just couldn't handle that. And I will try very hard not to undermine your parenting, I PROMISE!!!)) LOVE you guys!! Granny