Friday, September 10, 2010

Team Color Fridays

Anna June's school instituted "team color Fridays" during football season. In many places, the NFL is what people think of when they think of football, but here, it's all about collegiate affiliations.

Basically, if you live in the state of Alabama, tradition dictates you must declare your allegiance to either Alabama or Auburn. It was an easy choice for me as a kid, because my mom graduated from Alabama, and my Granddaddy taught me to say "Roll Tide" when I was very small. But with AJ, we'd like to encourage the third and more logical option: UAB.

Ben and I both received our undergraduate degrees from UAB, as did my dad. It is where I work and where Ben is attending classes once again. It's our home town team. So I took the plunge yesterday and bought AJ her first UAB shirt. They had other T-shirts, but they weren't as cute. There were lots of very cute UAB shirts and sundresses in pink, but I thought that would defeat the point of team color Fridays, as the Blazers will not be wearing pink on the field. I did encourage more feminine socks, and the sunglasses were her idea.

Sometimes in sports, UAB gets the shaft - it is hard to recruit when the bigger, more established schools in (more or less) the same area are competing for players. The way I see it, we have to start with AJ's generation, building momentum and excitement for our school and team. And, incidentally, if I stay a UAB employee for just 20 more years, Anna June can have reduced tuition should she choose to attend. Wouldn't this photo be great on a volleyball program when AJ is the star of the team in 2027? Go Blazers!

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Anonymous said...

Look at that precious little Bug!!!

Go Blazers! ( I guess, if you endorse them , I do too)