Friday, September 24, 2010

Some News

Anna June has kept us very busy lately. She's coming down with a cough and hasn't been her usual cheery self. In fact, somehow last night Ben ended up on the sofa and AJ ended up sleeping in our bed. It kept everyone from crying and seemed like a good idea at the time. Truthfully, I sort of wanted her beside me due to the extra dose of cough medicine I had to give her. She still coughed and wrestled around much of the rest of the night, so I was glad to know at least that she was still breathing.

This morning, I thought, we had a plan. AJ would wear her brand new Alabama shirt (courtesy of our cousin, Judy) and her denim shorts with a red flower belt. This morning, while she was still a little zonked from the medicine and still in my bed, I slipped the shorts on her without incident. Then, it came time for the shirt. I explained to her it was for Roll Tide, and I named several of our relatives and friends who like Alabama.

Anna June absolutely refused to wear the shirt (which is really cute! It has the Alabama A on it and says "start 'em young, raise 'em right"). She said she wanted to wear her UAB shirt. I did not coach her for this. It was completely her decision. In the interest of time, I left the other shorts on, and with her purple-trimmed socks, she was quite a sight to behold this morning!

Anyway, speaking of UAB, we have some news: Ben is going to be joining the UAB Division of Gerontology as an employee on Monday. He's going to be a research specialist, which means he'll help recruit participants into a study, for now. I think the world of medical research will suit him. Or, at least, misery loves company. We'll most likely carpool many days, which we hope will be fun as well as convenient.

Please join me in congratulating Ben on his entry into the crazy world of UAB employment, as well as his pending exit from retail.


Liz said...

congrats on no more retail! it is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Tenandonee, It.s new start!!! Hope it leads to wonderful things! I believe in you! Go do it!!!!Yo mama